The best Dinosaur days out in the midlands

Are you looking for the best dinosaur days out in Birmingham? Embark on a prehistoric journey across the Midlands, where colossal dinosaurs and Jurassic wonders await the entire family. From immersive exhibits to life-size replicas, here’s an updated list featuring even more roarsome locations for your dinosaur-loving young explorers to have a dinosaur adventure. From interactive exhibitions to life sized dinosaurs and discovery trails. With a range of hands=-on activities theres so many places to explore in our local area for epic dinosaur experiences.  

1. West Midland Safari Park – Land of the Living Dinosaurs:

Step back in time at West Midland Safari Park and immerse yourself in the captivating “Land of the Living Dinosaurs.” With over 40 life-size, animatronic dinosaurs, including the fearsome Spinosaurus and a family of Quetzalcoatluses, this immersive walking trail boasts the largest animatronic dinosaur collection in the UK. The experience unfolds through themed landscapes, featuring swamps, geysers, and even a chance to dig for fossils in the Dino Dig area. These life size dinosaurs are a sight to behold and Arlo always makes a beeline for this area at the West Midlands Safari Park. We love the information boards which name each dinosaur and explain how to pronounce their names. There are some replica dinosaur fossils, including a fab jaw which is great for a picture opportunity, plus a fabulous gift shop with lots of reasonably priced dino themed toys – The mighty T-Rex is one to beware of with its loud roar which bellows across the safari parks adventure park. My top tip would be to take spare socks for the dino dig!

  • Location: West Midland Safari Park, Bewdley.

Discover the iconic Dippy the dinosaur, a 26-meter-long Diplodocus carnegii skeleton, now at The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery in Coventry
The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry is a cultural institution that showcases the city’s history and artistic contributions. With a diverse collection encompassing contemporary art and historical artefact’s, the museum provides a straightforward yet engaging experience for visitors. Beyond its exhibits, the Herbert serves as a community hub, hosting educational programs and events, making it a notable destination for those looking to explore Coventry’s cultural heritage. This much loved life-size replica, which once delighted visitors at the Natural History Museum in London, offers Coventry families a chance to explore the Late Jurassic period. Get ready to be captivated by this Jurassic giant on your doorstep. You can combine this visit to a trip to the transport museum just a short walk away to make a great day out – head to the information centre or museum shop for the latest ticket offers. 

  •   Location: The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, Coventry.

3. All Things Wild, Near Evesham:

All Things Wild” near Evesham promises a Step Through Time Dinosaur Experience that will captivate every young dinosaur enthusiast. From riding the Dinosaur train ride to searching for bones in the Dinosaur Dig and even getting hands-on in Dino-Diggerland, the adventure never ends. Explore the educational Dino Barn, featuring a prehistoric seas section, a Dino section with skeletons and fossils, and an Ice Age section with Woolly Mammoths. This is one of the great places for animal fans to visit, take on a Jurassic quest and explore in combination with the farm and animals makes for a full day out with something for everyone to enjoy.

  •   Location: Near Evesham.

Delve into the Marine Gallery at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, where the Ichthyosaur, a giant sea monster from the time of the dinosaurs, takes center stage. Explore the adaptations of animals that have thrived in the sea, including walrus, penguins, and prehistoric marine crocodiles. Highlights also include the mounted skeleton of a prehistoric Giant Deer and the skull of a Triceratops. There are some unusual dinosaur themed treats available in the gift shop and of course there is so much more this incredible venue has to offer for fans of science which goes beyond the story of the dinosaurs. 

  • Location: Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, Birmingham.

5. Jurassic Wolves Dinosaur Trail:

Last year you could embark on a roarsome adventure in Wolverhampton City Centre with the Jurassic Wolves dinosaur trail. Meet Zeus, Europe’s largest walking T-Rex, follow the dinosaur trail, participate in fossil digs, and enjoy dino-themed events throughout the school summer holidays. This prehistoric celebration was brought to us by Enjoy Wolverhampton BID – We certainly hope this thrmed event makes a comeback this year and will be keeping an eye on the website for announcements.

  •  Location: Wolverhampton City Centre.

6. Play@Lower Drayton Farm nr Penkridge – Dino Discovery Maize Maze:

Play@Lower Drayton Farm’s Dino Discovery Maize Maze returns with life-size dinosaurs, making it bigger and better than ever. In addition to the outdoor play park, there is the massive indoor soft play area, animal zones, and friendly creatures, including the farm animals . During the right time of year you can embark on a quest to help dino wranglers find their missing charges in the maize maze.

  •    Location: Lower Drayton Farm, near Penkridge.

7. Arley Arboretum – Dinosaur Ranger Trail:

Last year during the holidays the arboretum hosted this event and it was such a lovely experience we are sure it will make a come back this year. Head outdoors for roarsome dinosaur fun at Arley Arboretum. Test your dinosaur knowledge on the Dinosaur Ranger Trail, designed for younger children to complete with their families. Follow the trail to discover if you have what it takes to be a dinosaur ranger, and enjoy additional dinosaur-themed forest school activities, family yoga, and a rock and fossil day. Along the discovery trail there are astounding views of the Severn Valley Railway. I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the best places to view the steam trains in action. 

  •    Location: Arley Arboretum.

8. Wolverhampton Adventure Golf – Prehistoric Adventure Golf Course:

Experience crazy golf among dinosaurs at Wolverhampton Adventure Golf’s 18-hole Family Prehistoric Adventure Golf Course at Perton Park Golf Course. Encounter thrilling obstacles and enjoy a unique golfing experience for the whole family. Something different and ideal for visitors of all ages to enjoy as a family perhaps. 

  •    Location: Perton Park Golf Course, Wolverhampton.

9. Jurassic Creek Adventure Golf at 3 Hammers Golf Complex, Wolverhampton:

Step back in time and walk with life-sized dinosaurs at Jurassic Creek Adventure Golf. Explore a new course with waterfalls, swing bridges, and 18 holes of crazy golf, creating a memorable day out for families. 

  •    Location: 3 Hammers Golf Complex, Wolverhampton.

10. Playland Stourport, Dino Tours:

Drive your own explorer jeep through the dinosaur trail at Playland Stourport. Watch out for the T-Rex and experience a thrilling adventure for the entire family. This fun park is one of our favourite places to visit on a sunny day – it’s almost like being at the seaside with so many rides and activities including the water splash pool which is a favourite for little ones.

  • Location: Playland, Stourport.

11. Drayton Manor Dinosaur Trail:

Say hello to prehistoric friends at Drayton Manor’s Dino Trail located towards the rear of the zoo. Explore and learn about fascinating dinosaurs in this family-friendly attraction before taking a train back to Thomas Land for some thrill seeking roller coasters.  

  • -Location: Drayton Manor, Tamworth.

12. Dudley Museum at the Archives – Dinosaur Hunters’ Stroll:

Become a dinosaur hunter at Dudley Museum and Archives. Interact with long-dead species, including Baryonyx and Thecodontosaurus. Take selfies with larger-than-life characters, stroll through the geology and mining gallery, and marvel at the diverse fossil collection.

  • Location: Dudley Museum at the Archives, Dudley.

Uncover the internationally-important history of Bilston at Bilston Craft Gallery. Meet Barry the Baryonyx in the family-friendly dinosaur room, which also features real fossils from the Dr. Fraser Collection and dinosaur fossil casts, including the famous Archaeopteryx, T.rex, and Triceratops.

  • Location: Bilston Craft Gallery.

15. Hoo Zoo and Dinosaur World:

Step back over 250 million years to a time before dinosaurs with a woodland walk featuring over 30 moving dinos and other prehistoric beasts at the former Hoo Farm. Learn fascinating facts about these incredible creatures as you wander through this immersive experience. Hoo Zoo offers an immersive experience with Hoo-Rassic World, showcasing animatronic dinosaurs on a smaller scale. Younger children can explore the outdoor adventure playground, and during Easter, new dinosaurs will join the collection. With a range of hands-on activities and live shows, Hoo Zoo is a great day out for the whole family.

  • Location: Hoo Zoo & Dinosaur World, Telford.

16. Wrens Nest Nature Reserve

The Fossil Park at Wren’s Nest in Dudley, United Kingdom, is a significant geological and paleontological site known for its abundance of Silurian fossils. Wren’s Nest Fossil Park is open to the public, allowing visitors to explore and discover fossils. Conservation efforts are in place to protect the site and its fossil treasures. Visitors are encouraged to follow guidelines to ensure the preservation of this important geological and paleontological resource.

  • Location: Wrens Nest Nature Reserve, Dudley.

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The best roarsome adventure dinosaur days out in Birmingham
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