The amazing adventures of me

Welcome to the amazing adventures of me.

This is our blog – the journal of our life – which is a bit of everything really. We’re a fun loving family. I’m Lavania, a single mum, working full time and I have a whole host of hobbies and interests – right now it’s all about balancing the craziness of life in 2020 with Arlo, who is a three year old little whirlwind. There is lots of play inspiration to be found here and also guides to arts and crafts projects which keep us busy. You can also find child friendly recipes, our holiday journals, product reviews and the occasional journal and opinion based post within this blog and coming soon is a section called “The House that Chaos Built” all about our home renovation project.

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Robins appear when angels are near decoration

Here are two more of the cutest additions to my clay craft projects. If you’re following me on social media you can see that I set myself a challenge of seeing just how much I could create from one pack of clay…. and so far we have shared instructions for a Christmas tree decoration and […]

How to make a Gingerbread Man Garland

These delightful little fellows are made from air dry clay, after I challenged myself to see how much I could create using one pack! To make these little fellows you will need: Terracotta air dry clay Gingerbread man cookie cutters A wooden skewer or cocktail stick Buttons Paint pens String to hang them up. Wool, […]