The amazing adventures of me

Lavania carrying Arlo on her back in the midst of a wildflower field on a sunny day.

Welcome to Our Family Adventure Journal!

Hello there! I’m Lavania, a single mom and teacher, navigating the delightful chaos of life with my whirlwind six-year-old, Arlo. Our home base is in vibrant Birmingham (UK), where our adventures unfold.

What You’ll Find Here:

Our blog is a blend of everything that fills our days – from exploring the gems of Birmingham to unleashing our creativity in arts and crafts projects at home. Join us for play ideas, candid toy reviews, glimpses into our family-friendly recipes, updates on home renovation projects, holiday diaries, and the occasional reflective post.

Why We Do It:

This blog is more than a documentation of our adventures; it’s an invitation for you to share in our joys and maybe find inspiration for your own family escapades. We believe in the magic of ordinary moments and hope our stories resonate with you.

Join Our Adventure:

Feel free to share your thoughts or your own family adventure stories in the comments below. If you enjoy what you read, consider subscribing to stay updated on our latest escapades. Let’s embark on this journey together!

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