Work with me – Social Media Strategy Account Manager

From content creation to social media strategy, growth audits, and account management. I can support you to grow your own Instagram channel and achieve your goals. I specialise in key account management and have a proven track record in sales conversion. My aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to be able to manage your own account effectively and I offer management packages to suit all budgets.


Initial Meeting – £50

If you aren’t sure what you want to do or where you want to go with your Instagram account then lets organise a meeting – with no commitment to purchase any additional services I can dedicate two hours of time to talk to you about your business and your social media channels either in person (if you’re local to Birmingham) or via zoom. Send me a list of questions you have and share your insights. I will also audit your account and together we can explore different avenues and possible packages which might help in your growth. You will leave with a self generated action plan and an idea of the services which will be of most benefit to you.

Full data Analysis – £75

I can conduct a full analysis of your social media statistics. A deep dive in to existing data can highlight some surprising information. From analysing your follower insights to tracking your reach and growth on a post by post basis. I can explain how you can monitor these statistics and self audit your content. This can be conducted in person or independently and a report will be generated as part of this package along with pointers for strategy moving forwards.

Follower Audit and growth social media Strategy £75

Most people want to grow their social media channels. We can look together at your existing data and explore ways in which to grow your audience to reach your goals. From completing an audit of your existing followers we can look at creating a plan which works for you. My growth strategies are simple actions which can be completed independently through dedicating ten minutes a day to your channels. I can also offer continued account management services for those who struggle with finding the time to do this.

Hashtag Strategy £30

There’s so much advice out there when it comes to hashtags and the problem is that Instagram constantly updates itself and it’s difficult to stay on top of what works or keep track of what doesn’t. As an avid social media user I can help you to understand how to make hashtags work for you and share my hints and tips. Bring along the content for your next three grid posts to this meeting and you will leave with three unique hashtag lists and the knowledge on how to plan your next hashtag lists independently. I can also offer continued account management services for those who struggle with finding the time to do this.

Content Strategy £100

Churning out content for social media can be a real challenge. Together we can deep dive in to your existing content and uncover which posts have been most successful in helping you to achieve your goals. We can explore ways to interact with your existing audience, showcase your business in it’s best light and experiment with creative ideas to engage with new followers. I am not currently taking on any new content management clients due to existing commitments.

Account Management

If this all sounds like too much. If you don’t have the time to think about data analysis or hashtag research then I can do all of the hard work. Pricing is based on your individual requirements.

Basic Management Package:

  • Initial Audit
  • Action plan
  • Template creation (on brand)
  • x3 scheduled stories per day
  • x 2 scheduled grid posts per week (content provided)
  • 30 minutes engagement per day
  • Weekly Performance Update

Bespoke Services for social media strategy

I’m here to help. With years of experience in this industry I have a wealth of knowledge I’m happy to share. From branding to graphic design and beyond. Get in touch to discuss your individual needs and we can discuss a package which will support you best to achieve your social media goals.


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