The House that Chaos Built

Here you can find all projects related to our colourful home renovation project. I started last year during lockdown and have done everything myself on a very limited budget. You’ll find out how I’ve upcycled things which have been found in skips and how I’ve learnt to use power tools. This is a work in progress and my home is far from insta perfect but its my little space in the world and I love it.

Things to look out for when renting a property

If you find yourself in a position where you are looking to rent a home for the first time then you probably have lots of questions. Working out what your budget is and then managing your expectations accordingly is a sharp learning curve but these days there are regulations in place so you shouldn’t be […]

My favourite colour is rainbow

If you have been following us for a while you will know that when it comes to decorating the house, I am never ever going to be finished because I keep finding new colours I want to cover my walls in. I’d describe my style as eclectic (to say the least) and I love how […]

Globalink- outdoor string lights competition

(Competition prize provided by Globalink) I have been searching far and wide for the perfect lights for my garden. I’m loving the alfresco dining and long summer evenings which summer brings and I wanted to add a touch of magic to my outdoor space for the evenings but without making it look like I was […]


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