Welcome to the amazing adventures of me.

I’m Lavania, mum to a busy little whirlwind named Arlo. We live in Birmingham and this is the story of us (so far). You will find our journal, product and destination reviews and lots of little play activities within this blog.

I’m really keen to ensure that all views remain my own throughout. If I am reviewing a product or experience which has been provided to me free of charge or at a discount or which I have been paid to create then I will make this very clear.

I hope that this gives me credibility and makes you feel confident that all opinions expressed throughout this website are genuine.

I am more than happy to purchase products or visit recommended places at my own expense to review if you would like to hear my point of view – I’d like to become a valuable resource for local families who like to adventure just as much as us, and help to share some of our creative play ideas too. If you have any suggestions of local places you’d like us to explore on your behalf or products you would like to test out then please get in touch.

I am in the process of adding amazon affiliate links to this blog, when I share information about a product, if I add a link and you purchase it I would receive a small payment, similarly we also are brand representatives for some independent businesses, we often receive new products at a discount in exchange for pictures which are shared in our social media accounts, and you can use our unique code (usually ARLO10) to claim a discount if you’d like to purchase from these businesses.

This blog is a hobby and not a profession. We genuinely enjoy exploring and trying new things as a family, and at the end of a busy day or week I like to look back at our adventures and write about them so that in years to come we can look back at all of the memories we have made.