Memberships and Annual passes in Birmingham

Give The Gift Of Adventure – Moms In The West Midlands Recommend – a collated list of memberships and annual passes in Birmingham – featuring some much loved UK based attractions with unlimited access for all to enjoy throughout the year – the gift that keeps on giving. We have really made the most of … Read more

Fathers Day gift guide 2023

a set of kitchen utensils in a bag.

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s often quite tricky trying to find the perfect idea so here’s a little selection of some fabulous finds which may help to inspire your gift giving this year. Wickedly Welsh A chocolate factory based in Wales with a huge variety of unusual flavours in their repertoire which caught … Read more

Mother’s Day gift guide 2024

I’m a mom (and yes we spell it like this in Birmingham) so I figured I’m in as good a position as anyone to create a mother’s day gift guide to share gift giving ideas a couple of years back and this is the 2024 update. I have a huge range of hobbies and interests … Read more