How to keep your luggage safe in London

Luggage and travel go together. One of the first things we arrange when planning our journey is our luggage. There are two things to remember to keep your luggage safe in London: packing the right stuff before you go and storing or using it safely when you’re traveling. But, nowadays there’s also another thing that many of us are afraid of; losing our luggage.

Obviously, nobody wants to lose their luggage when traveling. Sadly, there’s been an increase in airport luggage theft as well as in big cities like London. And, this can be a recipe for disaster on your trip to London. Many of us carry expensive devices and valuables that we can’t afford to replace. If you lose them, your trip will be ruined, if not worse.

Here are some tips on how to keep your belongings safe while traveling in London. 

Use the Right Locks

Nowadays, with the airport luggage screening procedures, it is challenging to know which lock to buy. On the one hand, the TSA-approved lock is not entirely safe. On the other hand, if you go for the high-security lock, there’s the risk of having the lock cut off during a checked baggage screening.

However, at this point, the TSA lock does not seem all that bad despite its widely known problems and publically accessible master keys. When it comes down to it, having a lock is the safest option than having none if you want to keep your baggage safe.

Make sure it has some kind of lock pick resistance and is thick to avoid cutting. Make sure a heavy-duty lock will suit the bag itself if you opt for one of the most secure padlocks on the market.

Prefer Luggage Storage Facilities than Hotel Lockers

If you’re on a long layover you should definitely use London’s airports’ facilities or luggage storage facilities near the airport before getting into the city center. In any case, it is safest to use luggage storage facilities than a hotel or hostel locker. Many of the safes and lockers in hotels are just targets for thieves or even staff members. Sometimes these “personal” storage facilities at high-volume businesses have override keys or codes for accessing them.

Some storage facilities aren’t located in great places and sometimes you have to get public transport to reach them. Another problem is that you don’t know if there’s space available in case you can’t book in advance and if your luggage gets lost, you don’t have any insurance.

However, Stasher offers multiple luggage storage locations all over London in local shops, hotels, and restaurants where you can safely store any items and enjoy your trip in London worry-free. 

Tamper-proof your Luggage

Having the appropriate bag for your trip to London is just as essential as knowing what to pack. Buying tamper-resistant luggage will make your belongings safer. You can buy an anti-slash bag, with anti-puncture zippers, or you can use hasps instead of zippers. A slash-resistant bag is a great solution if you want to prevent theft.

Always Keep your Valuables With You

According to a recent study, London has been named the UK’s pickpocketing hotspot, with more than 80,000 thefts occurring there in just the past two years. In other words, you should always keep your valuable items close when visiting the city.

Put everything valuable into your daypack and keep an eye on them when in the tube or in a museum. Alternatively, store your laptop or other electronic devices in a safe luggage storage facility. Also, avoid putting expensive devices like laptops and camera gear in checked baggage when at the airport. 

Get Insurance

If you’re still worried, you can get insurance for your luggage. Note that if your luggage is stolen or lost while you’re in London, the airline won’t pay for it. 

Travel insurance may offer extra reimbursement for covered costs that your airline does not cover. If your travel insurance plan contains baggage benefits, your insurer may reimburse you for a covered loss, theft, or damage to your luggage, up to the utmost amount indicated on the Confirmation of Coverage.

Otherwise, you can choose Stasher and your luggage will be insured for up to £1,000. Luggage storage costs £4.95 per day per item and every one of the StashPoints have been vetted by a member of the Stasher Team.

So, make the most out of your time, and book luggage storage in London with Stasher online!

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