Some of the Most Luxurious Travel Destinations in 2023

The results are in and some of the most luxurious travel destinations have been named. So if you’re all about creating a manifestation board then why not add these places to your explore list? It’s a known fact that luxury travellers like spending more because they expect more. So we’re looking at cities which have more five star hotels and Michelin stars than anywhere else. This isn’t the be all and end all though. You can visit some of these places and explore on a budget.

Travelling to the most luxurious places on earth is a dream many UK residents would like to achieve in their lifetime. That’s probably why the number of people who play the lotto in the U.K. keeps increasing. I have to admit that I love to research travel destinations and also look at the most expensive houses for sale in my area. Maybe I’ll manifest it in ti reality one day!

1. Musha Cay, Bahamas

Musha Cay is a privately owned island and is considered to beamong the most expensive places to visit globally. The island is owned by illusionist David Copperfield and is a perfect destination for travellers looking for luxurious private vacations.  

This amazingly exclusive resort has been known to host the rich and famous for years. The property is spread across over 150 acres, all equipped with luxurious amenities. If you are into gourmet meals, top British chef Chris Cossens has you covered. He runs the resort’s kitchen. 

Besides food, other activities you can participate in include deep-sea fishing, fireworks, and a customised treasure hunt. Of course, you have to incur an extra cost if you want to be part of these activities. 

Spending a night at Musha Cay will cost you around $50,000, and you might be required to pay a minimum of 5 nights upfront. If you want the entire resort for yourself, you might be required to pay $325,000 per week. If you consider yourself to be filthy rich, then Musha Cay is the perfect destination for you.

This is probably the kind of place to visit which is what dreams are made of but maybe one day eh?

2. Paris, France

Besides Paris being one of the most luxurious places you can visit, it is among the most romantic spots on Earth. It’s also popular among travellers interested in history, culture, fashion, architecture, and food. 

With an abundance of divine restaurants, enthralling museums, breathtaking parks, and natural attractions it’s safe to say Paris is one of the most colourful places in France and one of the most luxurious cities globally.

Of course, Paris being a luxurious and romantic destination for travellers across the world, the hotels tend to go all out in terms of prices. Some hotels charge more than $20,000 per night.

You can however explore Paris on a very tight budget, catching the Eurostar, staying in a budget hotel and then blowing your entire spending budget on a bottle of champagne at the Moulin Rouge which I may or may not have done in my early twenties!

My top tip – go and explore the Palais Garnier – you can head to the ticket office in the day time and they sell any remaining seats off at very low prices – sneak out at some point during the show for a selfie on the most opulent stair case in the world!

3. New York, USA

New York is another opulent spot U.K. travellers can tour. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations known for being the cultural capital of the United States. 

The city boasts an abundance of museums, exuberant nightlife, diverse neighbourhoods, cultural beacons, and Broadway shows. Besides, it hosts some of the best five-star hotels in the world, including the Kingside in the Viceroy New York Hotel and Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C. 

With hotel prices ranging between $350 to $750 per night, steak in some restaurants will cost the same as hotel rooms in New York. New York isn’t just a city for the rich and famous. I’ve heard so many hints and tips about the city that never sleeps and I’d determined to head there because I want to buy a croissant, wear a little black dress and pearls and go window shopping at Tiffany’s one day.

4. London

London is indisputably among the most booked luxury travel destinations in the world. There are tons of activities you can do in the cradle of the world’s English-speaking civilization. 

For starters, it is one of the cities with the highest number of five-star hotels and luxury venues globally. Besides, it’s renowned for its incredible museums, unparalleled theatres, and jaw-dropping palaces. 

I know a lot of travel hints and tips for exploring London. Including finding the best bagels over on Brick Lane and so many awesome places you can explore for free including museums and art galleries and there’s some incredible express lunch deals at many celebrity restaurants which represent great value for money

5. Dubai

Dubai is a dream destination for millions of people across the UK. It offers the most luxurious scenes and grand hotels you could hope to see, with a price to match. For instance, some bedrooms in Dubai’s luxury hotels are equipped with underwater views.  

Besides, if you can spare anything skywards of $165,000, you can pay for an exclusive 17 nights excursion from Dubai to African countries like Namibia, Madagascar, and South Africa, then back to Dubai. This is the kind of destination that dreams are made of.

As you visit Dubai, keep in mind that there should be a level of respect for the locals and be conscious of the culture.

Final Word

If you are the kind of person who likes to enjoy indulging themselves on holidays then these destinations are ideal to push the boat out. With luxurious amenities such as 5-star hotels, world-class accommodations, international/local cuisines, and lavish activities, you can plan a dream luxury vacation, but there’s always ways to make it happen on a budget too.


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