How to get around London with a child?

We all like traveling with kids. Even though it might be challenging, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Getting around a big city like London can be quite costly, particularly since kids have extra requirements like entertainment. Most importantly, driving around the city with a kid can be quite complicated. In this guide, we will focus on how you can travel through London with a child.

Renting a vehicle in London

The best way to move around London is by renting a car. With a car hire in London service, you can rent a vehicle online and get it delivered conveniently to the location of your choice. Most people like to get the vehicle at the airport. This option eliminates the need to stand in long lines as you wait for your rental vehicle to arrive.

An extra advantage of using a rental service is that you will be able to drive the newest and most comfortable cars. While these could be very expensive to own, a rental company would offer the vehicle at a very low price. With newer models, you will get the latest car features. If you’re travelling with a large family, you can opt for a 7-seater or SUV. Note that you can rent a vehicle at any time of the day or night.

Things to keep in mind

One thing you should look out for on London roads is the yellow box junction. You should only drive into these boxes when the road is clear. Otherwise, you will likely get a fine. You also have to take note of the bus lanes. The operational times of these lanes are indicated along the roads, and driving along these roads during these periods can attract a fine.

London also has red routes, and motorists aren’t allowed to stop on these roads. Red routes are marked by double red lines or a blue circular sign that has a red cross running through it. Note that double red routes operate 24/7. Some lanes are marked by a single red line, and you may be allowed to stop on these roads at certain times of the day.

Guidelines on driving in the UK with a child

As a foreigner, you have to understand some basics of driving in the UK with a child. First, children have to be restrained in car seats until they are 12 years old or 135 cm tall. The car seat you choose may vary depending on the height of the child.

You also have to make sure the car is in perfect condition before you start driving. Vehicles from Go Virtuo are regularly serviced to ensure that they never break down. However, you still need to check the tires to make sure they’re perfectly inflated. Also, pay attention to the dashboard for any warning lights. Ignoring these warnings can be disastrous, especially since you will have kids in the vehicle.

If you’re planning a long road trip, you also have to ensure that your kids have sufficient entertainment. You have to pick an option that won’t distract you as you drive. For example, you should avoid loud gaming consoles. Remember that safety is the most important thing when driving on UK roads.

It is also essential to map out the trip in advance. This will minimize inconveniences on the way and will ensure that you stop by the most interesting attractions.

Travelling with kids is quite stressful, but there are certain tips you can use to make the trip a little easier. First, you have to rent a vehicle. You should also understand UK driving rules to avoid getting fined. Finally, make sure you’re safe when driving in the city. You can do this by making sure the vehicle is in perfect condition. Also, let your kids know that they shouldn’t distract you when you’re driving.

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