9 Tips to Transition Your Kids’ Wardrobes From Spring to Summer 

Soft fabric and bright colors are here for summer! These parent-tested style tips will transition your child’s closet to a new season. Add layers and accessories to save money and get more mileage from seasonal clothes. From breezy baby girl dresses to comfy bamboo basics, these playful outfits keep kids comfy all season.


1. Review Your Little One’s Spring Wardrobe 

Little ones grow quickly, so even the most stretchy and durable spring clothing may be too snug for the summer. Before you buy the cutest summer looks, go through your baby or toddler’s closet and check clothing sizes. Replace small bodysuits or ill-fitting pants and tops with lightweight pieces for summer. Size up and choose soft, stretchy clothes to take your summer outfits to fall. 

2. Store or Donate Ill-Fitting Items 

If you need more space for your baby’s summer clothes, it’s a great time to store or donate the extra items. Pack away those winter jackets and pants bought in larger sizes for later in the year. Donate spring items you know you won’t use next season. 

Dresses with pastel floral prints or soft spring colors are perfect for giving away to other families. Don’t forget to save quality clothes for a younger sibling! Gently used coats and cozy baby pajamas are must-haves for newborns or infants. 

3. Shop and Organize Summer Outfits 

Now, it’s time to have fun with summer shopping! Whether you’re having a vacation or a staycation, you should shop for lightweight, stretchy fabrics. The breathable material will keep kids comfy while they relax and play. 

Once you buy your pieces, organize shorts and tees into easy, breezy summer outfits. Arrange toddler girl dresses and baby rompers on hangers to avoid wrinkling. Stack bamboo bodysuits and shorts in drawers to save space and create easy access. 

4. Include Summer Layering Options

Summer temperatures and sun exposure may vary from morning to night. Parents can be prepared for any weather with kids’ summer layers. Accessorize kids’ dresses with lightweight sweaters or jackets. An extra layer can help keep children cozy when the sun goes down or it’s raining. 

Keep lightweight sweaters or jackets handy. Pants or a windbreaker make for a cozy evening walk on the shore. If you’re in the sun, a lightweight hat or long-sleeved shirt offers extra protection.  

5. Add Sun Protection

A summer wardrobe isn’t complete without sun protection! Chic kids’ hats and sunglasses keep your child looking stylish while protecting their hair and skin from the sun. Look for UPF shirts and hats that block harmful rays and prevent sunburn. Some swimsuits and rash guards also offer built-in sun-blocking power. 

The pediatricians at HealthyChildren.org recommend keeping babies out of direct sunlight and limiting kids’ sun exposure at the times of the day when UV rays are strongest. When you spend time in the sun, broad spectrum sunscreen offers both UVA and UVB protection.

6. Accessorize with Seasonal Footwear

Boots are cute, but kids need more breathable footwear for summer. Swap out their fall and winter shoes for lightweight sandals or sneakers. A few pairs of summer shoes should get you through the season. Look for tropical colors or soft pastels to match your baby’s outfits when shopping. If you’re searching for neutral shoes or boy’s footwear, white sneakers or light brown sandals are stylish for summer.  

Shoes should be comfortable for outdoor play, and you may need more than one pair for your outing. Bring water shoes for a wet adventure or strappy sandals for outdoor walks. Tennis shoes and lightweight hiking boots are best for running or walking in parks or on trails. 

7. Pack Lightweight Rain Gear

Most families will see some rainy weather this summer. Shop for lightweight rain jackets or ponchos to prepare for unexpected showers. Ensure jackets include hoods for keeping dry and breathable material for wicking away sweat and moisture. Add rain hats or kids’ umbrellas. Leave a few layers by the front door or pack them in your backseat for an adventurous outing. 

8. Stock Up on Kids’ Swimwear

If you plan on cooling off and getting wet this summer, it’s time to shop for swimwear. Babies and toddlers usually grow out of their bathing suits and swim shorts from last season, so decide whether to go with the same look or choose a different style. Rash guards and sun-protective UPF shirts can protect the skin from the elements. Cover-ups will help keep baby and toddler girls warm and stylish. 

9. Review and Refresh Their Summer Look

Quality clothing should last through summer, but keep an eye on your child’s seasonal favorites. Some items may shrink or lose their durability. Your little one may also size up or need additional items. Parents may realize that an extra swimsuit or set of bamboo bodysuits helps extend the laundry. 

If your toddler loves dresses or rompers, adding a few more may keep her comfy. Remember — you can re-gift or donate clothing after a growth spurt. Investing in soft, cozy clothing keeps everyone happy. 

Create a Cute and Comfy Kids’ Summer Wardrobe 

While you care about protecting your child from the heat and sun, your little one wants to play and feel cozy. Soft, lightweight fabrics and dynamic clothing choices will make playing more fun during summer. Don’t be afraid to switch styles or add more options as your child plays and grows. You’ll learn what pieces are best for their summer adventures. 

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