Wraparound Care: What Is It & What Are TheBenefits?

As working parents, it can be difficult finding childcare that is affordable, reliable and keeps your kids entertained every day. Wraparound childcare can solve all your childcare issues as activity camps can provide a jam-packed fun schedule for every kid’s needs whilst also ensuring your kids get nutritious meals throughout the day if necessary. Here are all the benefits of wraparound care that you should know about. 

What is Wraparound Care?

Wraparound care is childcare that wraps around the conventional school day. It’s offered as extra childcare to parents who work and extends as added learning opportunities. 

Wraparound childcare usually takes place as breakfast clubs, after-school clubs, and holiday childcare where kids can attend camps during the summer holidays and half term. The sessions cost a nominated fee per day and are usually charged by the session. They are a great way to keep kids entertained and stimulated even after school. 

Benefits of Wraparound Care

Wraparound care can have a positive impact on children’s outcomes in school. Research also shows those who participate in sports, like sports activities during wraparound care, display improved performance and social skills. There are many benefits and impacts of wraparound care forchildren, parents, and schools. 

Benefits for Children

Research shows that children who are involved in extra-curricular activities can benefit in many ways. This includes: 

• Improved academic achievement

• Increased likelihood of progression in further education

• Improved social skills

• Boosted confidence

• Improved soft skills (communication, listening, time management etc.)

• Less likely to develop behavioural problems

• Increased attention

• Increased participation in class

Wraparound care is a great way to keep your kids occupied during the school holidays. It encourages them to continue socialising and meeting new people which can greatly benefit them in life. Wraparound camps ensure your child is happy and healthy in a safe environment where they can play, learnand make new friends. 

Benefits for Parents

During school holidays, it’s not always possible to find time off work or find reliable childcare that keeps kids occupied. Instead, wraparound childcare is the perfect solution for parents and has many benefits:

• Reliable, safe and affordable childcare alternative

• Enables parents to pursue careers with the confidence their child is being looked after

• Wrap-around care is cheaper than paying for a childminder or babysitter

• Allows kids to spend more time with their friends which means they will treasure time with their parents even more

Parents can continue with their work stress-free knowing their kids are experiencing rewarding care that nourishes their minds and nurtures their development. 

Benefits for Schools

Not only is wraparound care great for kids and parents, but it’s also extremely beneficial for schools! It ensures kids are happy and healthy when they come to school which can improve their behaviour, learning and participation. Benefits include: 

• Children who eat breakfast in breakfast clubs are twice as likely to perform well in tests and assessments

• Children who participate in wraparound camps are more likely to develop better attention spans 

• Children who attend wraparound care are more likely to participate in class which improves performance

• Pupils who take part in physical activity during wraparound care are more likely to achieve top grades in maths and English

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