Why You Need To Get Your Kids Outside This Winter

Instead of choosing indoor activities when it’s cold and wet outside, why not try some outdoor fun? Although it’s tempting to remain where it’s dry and warm, getting outside with your kids can be fun and even beneficial for you both! Find out why you need to get your kids outside this winter.

Burns Energy

When winter comes, it’s tempting to keep kids indoors where it’s warm. However, due to the lack of physical activity, they may get inside, this can result in a lot of pent-up energy that can come out in bursts during school or at home due to the frustration. Instead, taking your kids to the playground or even winter camps can help them burn off energy and continue socialising even through the colder months. 

Playing outside burns energy and keeps your kids fit and healthy. It can even improve their academic performance and concentration in school!

Strengthens Immune System

When the weather starts to turn, more bugs and viruses startcirculating which leads to kids getting ill. However, although you might think the colder weather is responsible for making your child ill, the key reason is kids being kept indoors around people who may be ill. With little ventilation indoors, germs are easily passed on making children more susceptible to viruses. 

To prevent this, getting your child outdoors to play can keep them away from the germs whilst also boosting their immune systems! Some studies show that kids who engage in outdoor play are healthier than those who don’t.

Increased Vitamin D

The hours of sunlight decrease hugely in the winter, so there are fewer opportunities to get your daily dose of vitamin D which comes from the sun. Vitamin D is shown to regulate mental and emotional moods, increase energy and improve memory. 

By getting just 15 minutes of sun exposure per day, children can get their vitamin D dosage for the day. It’s also good for parents too!

A Break From The Screen

These days, kids spend a lot of time in front of screens. Even more so in winter! Studies show that too much screen time in children can lead to irregular sleep, behavioural problems, impaired academic performance and even violence. Therefore, giving your child some time away from the screen by encouraging playing outside in winter can have many incredible benefits. 

Getting kids outside, even just for a short walk, can give them a much-needed break from the screen and helps them experience the fun winter activities waiting for them outside! Puddle jumping, leaf picking and dog walking are just a few activities perfect for winter. 

Promotes Problem Solving & Cognitive Thinking

Colder weather brings new challenges for kids and offers opportunities to overcome them. It also lets them experience playing in the cold and learning about why the leaves fall, when rain turns to ice and why they might warm up after playing outside for a few minutes

Outside playing is fun and promotes a new way of thinking about the environment and how they play.  

Provides Long Lasting Memories

Playing outside in the rain and snow can create memories that will last a lifetime. When they’re grown, they can look back on the fun they had in the rain as a child, and pass that on to their own children. 

Outdoor playing delivers a newfound appreciation for nature and the outdoors which can last a lifetime and provide many benefits to your kids as they grow older. 

How to Get Kids Outdoors

We know it can be difficult getting your kids outside in winter, but these tips should help make it a whole not easier: 

• Encourage them with activities they enjoy

• Join them outside

• Invite friends to play outside with them

• Make your garden fun and entertaining

• Move everyday activities outdoors

• Join winter clubs and camps

Benefits for Parents

As a parent, getting outside in winter can also benefit you. Being outdoors is linked with improved mental health and well-being, improved concentration and reduced stress – which are definitely things parents need! Getting outdoors with your child also strengthens your bond, even if it’s just a walk or cycle to the shops!

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Getting your kids outside this winter
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Getting your kids outside this winter
Reasons why playing outside during winter is beneficial for you and your children. Plus some play ideas for families.

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