Steffi Love Dolls review – Hair stylist and Pastel Fashion

Paloma jumped at the opportunity for her first ever toy review of the Steffi Love dolls. When it comes to role play with dolls then this is right up her street. At five years old Paloma has a very distinct style all of her own. It takes her a long time to get ready every morning and choose her outfits, not to mention planning her hair styles and so when we were sent these two Steffi Love dolls, they couldn’t have been more perfect.

The Steffi Love doll range is full of dolls with different themes, from animals to fashion to friendship. They’re also available at various retailers on the high-street and online for very reasonable prices. I spotted a Steffi Love doll in home bargains this week!

Steffi Love Pastel Fashion

A doll with glasses!

I’ll start with the simpler of the two dolls we received. Steffi Love – Pastel fashion is £9.99 to purchase and comes with trainers and a cute outfit. Her accessories are a tote bag and mobile phone on a strap. The best thing for Paloma however was to see a doll wearing glasses, just like her! This little detail promotes inclusivity and absolutely made her day.

A tote bag and mobile phone

Steffi Love – Hair Stylist

Our favourite of the two dolls was the Steffi Love hair stylist doll. This doll is the same size as the others in the range but her hair is much longer. Her packaging also included more accessories, justifying the £15 price point. Paloma could not wait to tear in to the box as the accessories included so many things she has been dying to get her hands on.

Investigating the box contents

The box included: the doll with an outfit and shoes, multiple hair accessories for both the doll and Paloma, plus a hair brush, Curling tong and straighteners with interchangeable crimping plates (which reminded me of my first ever Babyliss ones from back when I was a teen).

All the accessories with Steffi Love Hair stylist

One thing to point out is just how good the quality of these dolls is. Given the price point compared to other dolls on the market I didn’t have high expectations but the quality is comparable. The hair especially is great. Paloma has really been busy curling the hair around the wand, the hair which reaches down to the dolls ankles hasn’t become knotted or matted and simply brushes out again neatly. Remaining glossy and shiny.

Toy curling wand

Paloma’s opinion

Paloma was very happy with the accessories and how easy they are all to use and swap between the dolls. Each outfit was loose enough to pull off and change but still fit the dolls well. The shoes were easy to slip on and off and the hair accessories being useable in her own hair as well as on the dolls was the trick which sealed the deal. A lot of thought has gone in to designing this range of dolls and the pull for me is the extremely reasonable price point.

Swapping of accessories

You can purchase Steffi Love dolls range made by Simba Toys NOW at various retailers in stores and online including Hamleys, Amazon and Sainsburys.

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