FlexiSpot standing desk review

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to receive a FlexiSpot E7 Standing desk for review after committing to working from home and realising that I needed to make some more adjustments for my own physical well being. It’s so easy to curl up with the iPad on the sofa but it really is having an impact on the tension in my back. I have realised that participating in virtual meetings whilst at home is quite challenging and so standing up to deliver presentations really does help in my delivery and professional persona. 

On delivery day my desk arrived in three packages , flat pack style to be assembled. The instructions were simple enough to follow and the process didn’t take long at all. The bolts were pre – sorted and labelled which was a really useful touch, an Allen key was provided and the only additional tool required was a screwdriver. The frame itself is fairly robust and simple in style and then you can select a variety of different finishes for the desk top in different sizes to suit your decor. 

The control panel

The key feature of this desk is its adjustability. The lifting frame is universal and can stretch and shrink to different desktop heights – so you can stand to deliver a meeting and then lower the desk to sit comfortably and continue to work. This electronic console is mains powered and the packaging included both an EU and U.K. mains plug (perhaps this could be adjusted to only send the relevant plug and reduce wastage?) – the console is intuitive and I managed to figure out the controls without reading the manual by pressing the up and down buttons but then I checked for information with regards to the memory function!

You can store four height settings with the desk so this means you could set it for your own standing and seated positions or perhaps allocate numbers to different people within your household if you’re sharing a workspace? One thing I have noticed is that when the desk is transitioning it slows down it’s motion when it’s close to the right height so that there’s no jolting movements which makes you feel confident that your tech is safely positioned on the desk top.

The desk feels extremely sturdy, I tried to put it through its paces by sending it to the highest setting and there was only a small amount of movement even at the top. The feet seem sturdy and are adjustable so that if there’s any unevenness in the floor this can be counteracted too. 

I also accidentally noticed that it seems to be smart – if there’s something in the way and it hits it (like the arm of a chair) then it will stop and reverse itself a little which is a fabulous safety feature. All in all I am impressed with this desk. If I’m being really picky then I’d like to see something for cable management as I’m not a fan of trailing wires. I also noticed a tiny groove in the edge of the laminate on my desk top. This doesn’t take anything away from the functioning of the desk and it’s appeal to someone who spends a lot of time working from home. This is going to be a very well used piece of furniture and a real game changer for the working environment. 

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