My new golden locket – gift ideas for mums

Golden inscribed locket

I am absolutely besotted with this new golden locket sent out to me to review and share with you all because it’s an ideal Christmas gift idea. I’ve never owned a locket before and so this piece is really special to me. Mainly because it’s so personal and carries a lot of meaning. I’ve worn it every day since it arrived.

This piece is a gold plate on sterling silver heart locket by LOVELOX. This perfectly poised piece showcases exquisite engineering, with the hinge seamlessly designed into the flow of the heart and the clasp barely breaking the clean lines of the locket. The locket is beautifully finished with expert engraving and two delicately placed photos for a very special gift experience

I opted to add the words “little Dino” to my locket because I named Arlo after the lead character in the movie “the good dinosaur” and one of his middle names is “Rex” – it’s only natural that he’s become a huge dinosaur fan himself and sounds like one when he’s running and stomping around the house so it just made sense to add these words. I love the idea of personalised jewellery and these lockets can be engrave with up to 18 letters on a variety of fonts and sizes for a truly unique piece.

Inside my locket

There is space for two images inside this locket and I uploaded a couple of my favourite pictures of Arlo to hold close to my heart – the image on the left is from the day the first lockdown ended in summer 2020 and we went out for such a beautiful walk in the evening together in the meadows which is a memory I will treasure forever. On the right is Arlo on his first ever Christmas looking adorable. The festive season took on a whole new meaning when I became a mother and it was a magical day for us both.

These lockets can further be customised by choosing your chain length and then they arrive swiftly via delivery having been engraved in the U.K. and are presented in beautiful boxes which are ideal for gifting. This is the kind of piece which I feel anyone receiving would appreciate as it makes for a very thoughtful gift idea and is a timelessly classic piece of jewellery which can be worn with everything.

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