Unwrap Love with These Unique Valentine’s Gifts

It’s that time of the year when love in every shape and kind is celebrated. This month is for lovers, families, friends, and everyone we hold dear. But the eternal question remains, “What should you give them this Valentine’s Day?”

You’ll never run out of ideas to surprise your loved ones during this heart-filled season as we’ve rounded up awesome choices that will win their hearts.

Meaningful Shirts

Let the shirts do the talking. They can be sweet, funny, and full of optimism—important things that you probably don’t say as much but want the other person to know or be reminded of every day. Choose the best message and design to fit the personality of the would-be wearer. 

Including Christian t-shirts in your selection can add a layer of personal faith and inspiration to your gift.

Fancy Handkerchiefs

Here are beautifully made ladies’ handkerchiefs to wipe happy tears with. The lace edging, embroidery, and design make this gift fancy and dainty. While these hankies look like they belong best to weddings and christenings, they are nifty gifts to give on any special occasion like Valentine’s. Think of monogrammed hankies on days for dressing one’s best. 

Valentine’s Day Classes

The idea is to surprise your loved one with a class or course that they’ve always wanted to take. Consider enrolling in a baking class where you get to make and eat your cake, a crash course on making cocktails at home, or a refresher on decluttering. It’s the perfect time to bond and learn something new together.


They can be given as souvenirs from trips abroad, as heirlooms from one family member to another, or simply as gifts able to stand the test of time. Gift a rare copy of their favorite book, find a new title that they’d like, and best of all, write a one-of-a-kind inscription or maybe a romantic proposal. 

February 14th also happens to be International Book Giving Day. That’s an excellent occasion to gift books to your loved ones!

Flowering Plants

Valentine’s Day will always be a day of flowers for a partner, parent, or oneself. Beautiful as they are, floral bouquets require some form of preservation to keep their appearance. So, consider giving an actual, living flowering plant that they can keep for a long time. Roses, peonies, and lilies are some of the flowering potted plants to give to that special someone. 

There’s something about the plant requiring care and attention and seeing it thrive that gives the receiver a unique kind of happiness and satisfaction.

Not-Your-Usual Chocolates

Like flowers, chocolates are very much the representative gift on this sweet day. But before you pick your go-to chocolates for gifts, consider chocolatey concoctions that combine different tastes and give a sample of different cultures. There are also gourmet, artisanal, handcrafted chocolates that satisfy the sweet craving without the guilt. 

Flower Accessories

Add a playful albeit permanent twist to giving flowers on this heart-fluttering day. Flower jewelry has many options, and you’ll probably need a lot of time to choose the best one. However, this task will be easier if you have a flower in mind and want to convey its meaning to the giftee. 

Pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets make a sparkling lineup of gifts for any flower enthusiast. These jewelry pieces can be fun and fashionable, made with conventional or eco-friendly materials.

Choose Gifts That Speak from the Heart

Let your thoughtful gifts express your appreciation, admiration, and gratitude to your loved ones. Best of all, have fun shopping and choosing Valentine’s gifts for them!

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