Top Car Care Resolutions to Maintain an Efficient Ride All Year Round!

New Year is just around the corner. The start of every year feels like a new chapter in which everyone is motivated to put their best foot forward and set their priorities straight. This year let us remind you of something that most probably has never made it to your resolution list i.e. car care. When you think about it, cars are an extremely integral part of our lives without them we are literally stranded and yet somehow taking care of them never feel important enough to be a part of our priority. In this article, we discuss some easy tips to follow that will help you keep your car in a healthy condition.

Changing the oil regularly

Eating right keeps humans healthy similarly changing the car’s oil regularly keeps its engine working efficiently. Changing it every 6 months or every 5000 miles will help to remove dirt and other contaminants from the oil which can cause wear. This year learn to change the oil yourself so that you don’t have to visit your garage to get this simple task done.

Keeping your tyres optimally inflated

Car experts recommend that you maintain a tyre pressure between 32 and 35 PSI. You should follow what your tyremanufacturer’s handbook says. Properly inflated, tyres create minimal friction with the road. However, when they aren’tfilled to the capacity, the friction between the rubber and the road greatly increases, creating large amounts of “drag,” or air resistance. Drag forces your engine to work harder to compensate and maintain your desired speed. When an engine works double-duty against drag, it leads to higher fuel consumption as well as an increased emission of pollutants. 

Driving safely

Your driving style directly relates to your vehicle’s fuelconsumption and thus directly impacts your pocket. By reducing fuel consumption, you will reduce car emissions and thus be eco-friendly. Aggressive driving style not only affects your own safety but also of those who share the road with you. Additionally, it negatively impacts the wear and tear of your tyres. Consider being gentle with the accelerator and brakes. 


Stick to Car Maintenance Schedule

Sticking to your car maintenance schedule is a commitment that takes time, effort and money. This year pledge to keep on top of your car’s servicing plan. Rest assured, by keeping it spick and span you will avoid all sorts of unexpected repair expenses. Also, if you ever consider selling it, be sure to know that it will increase the value of your car when the potential buyer sees the car service history and knows that the car has been taken care of in the past. People in UK are required by law to take an annual MOT test every year. Please do not ever try avoiding it, as it is for your own safety. If you live in or around London we suggest getting your MOT Test done from Eite Direct. They have staff that are experts in their field and will have you done with your MOT Test in about an hour, considering you have followed a regular car care regime.

Rest assured, following these easy tips will keep you worry free all year round.

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