The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Presence

Building an online presence, be it through your own blog or social platforms like Instagram, is fundamental to making sure your business skyrockets, at least in terms of popularity since it’s a perfect way to acquire new customers or fans organically. The more followers you have, the bigger the audience you can reach out to. On top of that, having a high follower count or visitors may attract other businesses and end up in partnerships or collaborations with them. Stay with us as we explore how to build an online presence!

Identify your target audience

Identifying your target audience is a fundamental first step to building a strong brand. If we were to do it for Instagram, the app has over a billion users, so it’s very important to pinpoint the audience and make content accordingly. Without doing so, one could end up aimlessly following a content strategy that does nothing for the profile or business. 

In order to figure this out, one can think about the type of people their product or art appeals to and start from there. Auditing other Instagram profiles with a similar audience can be a great way to figure out a strategy or get inspiration. 

Make Reels, Lives and Stories

One thing you must always remember is that content is king. After identifying the target audience, the next step is making content to attract this group. Reels and short videos are currently one of the main ways to beat the algorithm. These short-form videos are fantastic for attracting new followers, as they are regularly shared on the “Explore” page. Live videosand Story-type posts are also fantastic ways to bring fans and customers closer to a brand. They allow to share the brand’s personality, generating a more organic relationship that can pay serious dividends. 

Decide on an aesthetic

Deciding on a particular aesthetic for a blog or social platformpage can also be a great way to expand the presence online. Doing so will mean that visitors to the profile can enjoy a well-thought-out and attractive layout. As a result, they will be more inclined to visit it again. 

Having a particular aesthetic on a profile can also separate the most original ones from the crowd. For this it would be useful to pay attention to different colours and using a specific palette to generate a more integrated appearance. 

Running giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests are great ways to seek new followers and get people to share a profile or website. For example, a competition where people must follow a page and share a post to their stories to enter. 

This can dramatically expand the reach of a brand (or individual) in a fully organic way without paying for advertisements. Promotions are another useful way to expand online presence by attracting new followers and rewarding old ones. 

In the end, both promotions and bonuses are used in many industries. It’s easy to find many examples in the gambling world, as plenty of platforms offer welcome bonuses and promotions, this is so prevalent that individuals often need to consult reviews on PlatinPlay UK to discern which online casinos have what promotions. Another industry that also bonuses often is the hospitality industry, for example, theHilton Hotel offers the Member Welcome Bonus. A differentexample of a promotion would be a restaurant offering a mealdeal or discount for those who have shared the post and the idea there would be to attract customers to eat there.

Building an online profile can seem like a dark art if you don’t know what you’re doing. The good news is that you may significantly bend the algorithm in your favour by utilising some of the above-mentioned techniques. Focus on creating exciting content geared towards a target audience, and for sure there will be results!

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