My night with Lulu – a review of Lulu Wild Birmingham

Lulu Wild Birmingham review - a picture a dark haired woman smiling and holding of one of the delicious cocktails from the extensive Lulu wild menu. It’s in a tall glass, pink in colour with a foam on the top, mint garnish and a straw
The Hainan Cooler – At the boundary is where we meet – melon flavoured mocktail

Lulu Wild is the newest restaurant in Brindley Place and bought to us by the team responsible for Aluna and Siamis so I had high expectations and I’d heard great things and of course I was delighted to finally be able to visit to try out things for myself. I’m going to tell you all about the decor, the food and more importantly the cocktails. We had a wonderful dining experience and it was very challenging to find any faults from start to finish.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review. An image of a fully stocked spirit bar featuring all sorts of brands. With polished glassware on shelving above which has light bouncing off it.
The bar upstairs at Lulu Wild Birmingham

As a party of four we had a relaxed dining experience on a weekday evening, we all agreed that this is the kind of place we would book for a date or a special evening if we we’re trying to impress. The food of course has to take centre stage – I’m told that the head chef at Lulu Wild previously worked at Michelin starred Hakkasan and this quality is evident in the creativity and style of all of the dishes we tried this evening.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review. A cocktail being held by a hand with red painted nails. The glass is a short glass with ridges and contains a classic drink with ice and mint leaves
Peach Smash – Signature cocktail
Simplify – Bw inspired – Be original

We began our evening with cocktails. As a group we challenged the Lulu team to suggest the best drinks to try, and the passion each member of the Lulu team has for their menus is evident in the recommendations. The cocktail menu is one of the most diverse and exciting I have seen in a long time. We did our very best to sample as many different options as possible with the team making suggestions based on our individual preferences and their own personal favourites.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review - a selection of steamed baskets on a dining table which have little dim sum inside.
Dim Sum

We were also advised to try the dim sum and between us we ordered a range to try out. With steamed and pan friend dumplings available in several different flavours we didn’t wait long at all to be served. Again the attentive team took their time explaining to us the different ingredients in each perfectly presented pocket of flavour underneath the bamboo steamers – carefully replacing the lids to ensure continued steaming before we started eating.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review - a close up of the mixed dim sum starter with pink, yellow and green coloured parcels of food inside a steamer basket.
Wild exploration – Dim Sum

My personal highlight was the wild mushroom which was deliciously buttery and had those wonderful earthy flavours. The truffle atop being the perfect compliment. The scallop and prawn Shui Mai we all agreed was very special indeed. It was very difficult to be critical but the only tiny detail we mentioned was that we would have liked to perhaps see the pan fried options have a little more of a crisp to them. This of course took nothing away from the flavours and presentation which was a great indicator of what was to come with the main course. We tried more cocktails and a delightfully refreshing pallet cleanser with a pineapple twist before mains.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review. The Main course satay dish features a curry with meat and lots of garnishes including a large sprig of coriander, rolled cucumber, a lilac flower and slices of red chilli
Roasted chicken in satay sauce

Between the four of us we opted for the Strawberry Sweet and Sour Sea Bass, Rosemary and black pepper Lamb, Kung Po Prawns and Roast Chicken in Katsu Sauce I feel we had the opportunity to sample a good cross section of the menu this evening and we all agreed that portion sizes were ample and that the attention to detail with the presentation and flavour balance was consistent throughout. Again it was a challenge to pick faults with anything we tried this evening – perhaps the chicken was slightly over, but I liked the crispness this gave to the skin so it’s a matter of personal preference with this.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review. Rosemary and black pepper lamb main course. Served on a bed of mixed peppers and red onion with a mixed cabbage and carrot julienne salad along with fresh springs of rosemary.
Stir fry Rosemary and black pepper lamb

The Lamb had a warm heat which didn’t overwhelm the dish and the Strawberry and Sea Bream combination was a delicate delight. The fish almost melted in the mouth. As we tucked in to our main course silence descended as we savoured mouthfuls and we realised that none of us had “food envy” because each dish stood out in its own right. We tried two rice and noodle options to accompany our main courses and these deserve their own review.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review - Singapore noodles delicate noodles in a dish with bean sprouts, mixed peppers, mushrooms and spring onion. Sprinkled with sesame seeds
Singapore noodles

Quite often I find that the side dishes are often lacklustre but I would gladly come back just for the Singapore noodles which were a delight. It was also impressive to see the portion of prawns in the fried rice had no holds barred. If you are a seafood lover then all too often these kinds of options are lacklustre as you hunt for prawns but this side dish had plenty atop and throughout.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review - strawberry sweet and sour bass. A large slices strawberry sits at the centre of this plate featuring the sea bass and accompanying stir fried vegetables in a sticky sweet and sour sauce
Strawberry sweet and sour sea bass

We had a little bit of time to explore the venue – Lulu Wild has been open for just over a month and is still finding its feet – the upstairs serves as a multifunctional space. A luxuriously decorated dining room with many unique decor features creating photo opportunities and a piano taking centre stage so that diners can enjoy live music on special evenings. The bar is just as well stocked as the main bar downstairs for those all important cocktails and I’m advised that on weekends tables are rearranged after the final food service and a DJ comes to visit.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review. The exquisite piano at Lulu Wild which is a venue which often plays live music to its diners at the weekend.
Lulu Wild Birmingham review - a dark haired woman in a black too and long blue skirt with flowers all over it sits on a chair in front of a green leaf wall which has a bright pink neon sign directly above her stating  b*tch better have my bunny

I am sure I can’t be the only person who likes to visit restaurants just for dessert – sometimes a sweet treat is all you need and Lulu really did save the best until last. Between the four of us, we tried out every dessert and there really is something for everyone on the menu. I opted for the most unusual Spiced pear soup which was served with rice balls. I’ve never been able to infuse a pear so well and so I really admire the skill involved. It wasn’t at all what I expected and I was pleasantly surprised.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review - the mango pudding dessert at Lulu Wild features a dessert of a yellow liquid consistency layered with cream and fresh fruit. Served on a black rectangular dish there is a scoop of bright yellow mango sorbet beside the glass and a sprinkle of biscuit crumb.
Mango Pudding

The mango pudding we all agreed was a refreshingly light option which is in direct contrast to the chocolate parfait – both accompanied with the smoothest fruit sorbets which were a real treat to savour. The highlight had to be the petit four selection – a little showcase of excellence including macarons, a white chocolate, coconut and lemon bonbon and more. I have to give a special nod to the peanut butter-flavoured ice cream and the brittle too. These were simply delicious and I will be coming back again specifically for the experience of this taste.

Lulu Wild Birmingham review - petit fours a long black dish feature some miniature petit fours which are signature dishes to Lulu Wild. There is a bright green macaroon,  a square glass dish featuring a jelly with colourful gel orbs, a raspberry, blueberry, bright pink macaroon and a white chocolate truffle ball
Petit Fours

The food menu I feel is concise but well rounded and offers plenty of choice. This allows the team to have really paid close attention to each dish on the menu at Lulu Wild and each demonstrates high standards and is a showcase of modern Chinese Cuisine and the incorporation of fresh quality ingredients. I am really impressed after this evenings experience and I wish the team the best of luck with this new venture. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the food and the attentiveness of the team. Lulu Wild is a very welcome addition to the Birmingham food scene

Lulu Wild Birmingham review

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  1. I booked for a party of 14 for a birthday, fabulous pics of the venue but the service was totally unorganised very very Disappointed


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