Hot chocolate station

This is a new Christmas tradition for us. Usually we treat ourselves to a hot chocolate with all the trimmings at the Christmas Market and so I decided to be a little bit ‘extra’ and create this little hot chocolate station space for us at home using selection of items from high street stores such as home bargains. 

The sign itself was made using a design bundles SVG. I’ve added adhesive vinyl to the glass pane and then popped a sheet of felt inside the glass.  It really does add a festive pop to the kitchen which is normally too functional but there’s no rules in 2020 anymore. This could easily be replicated with a chalk board or be printed out too. 

This hot chocolate station was fairly simple to put together – with the little white tray and the elf cup from Home Bargains, and the glass jars from Ikea. II have spotted similar jars in Wilkos and Poundland too. I added home made vinyl decals to label these using my Cricut and then filled everything with treats including marshmallows and sprinkles and “bobs your uncle” as the saying goes.

This entire set up cost me less than £20 to put together and I’ve paid £3.50 for a single mug of hot chocolate before at a festive market. I already had cocoa powder and sugar and just added a little of each to these jars which I can top up as we go – I think this will keep us going until Christmas.

  • IKEA Korken jars x3 small £2
  • IKEA Korken jar medium £1.25
  • IKEA Vardagen jar £2.50
  • Home Bargains sofa tray £2.99
  • Home Bargains Elf Mug 99p
  • Decals – home made
  • Poundland – candy canes £1
  • Home Bargains – Jane Asher sprinkles 99p
  • B&M – mini Marshmallows 79p
  • Asda – frame £2.25

With removable vinyl stickers I have been able to rearrange the items to suit different themes – adding mini eggs at Easter and re purposing the items for storage beyond the hot chocolate station use. I bought a set of Monin syrups from a coffee shop when they were on offer so there’s always something I can offer a guest to our home.  I also love that having everything on a tray means its easy to clean around and also pop in to a cupboard if I need to. 

For more of home made festive project inspiration check out my recent blog post.

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