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In the realm of educational toys, Connetix Magnetic Tiles stand out as a powerful tool for fostering cognitive development and spatial awareness in children. With their unique bevel design, vibrant colours, and expansive range of shapes, Connetix Magnetic tiles offer endless possibilities for open-ended play. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the various aspects of Connetix Magnetic Tiles, exploring their impact on cognitive development, motor skills, and social interaction.

Why are Magnetic Tiles good for Cognitive Development?

Magnetic tiles contribute to the improvement of hand-eye coordination by engaging users in activities that require precise manipulation and placement of pieces. Assembling structures demands the synchronisation of visual information with fine motor skills, fostering spatial awareness and concentration. The open-ended nature of magnetic tile play encourages creativity and problem-solving, providing immediate feedback and reinforcing the connection between what the eyes perceive and how the hands respond. Additionally, bilateral coordination is promoted through activities that involve using both hands simultaneously, contributing to the overall development of motor skills and enhancing pattern recognition through the creation of various designs.

Connetix Magnetic Tiles Review

Before I go on to explore the benefits of playing with Magnetic Tiles in more detail I wanted to take the opportunity to review Connetix Magnetic Tiles as a brand on the whole and through looking at various different packs in a bit more detail. Whether you’re embarking on your magnetic tile journey, expanding an existing collection, or seeking the ideal gift, there’s a pack tailored for you. Suited to a diverse range of ages and abilities, Connetix® sparks incredible building ideas, from towering structures to castles, mazes, and beyond! With its distinctive bevel design, robust magnets, and added safety features, Connetix evolves with your child as they engage in play, learn, and explore.

The high quality of Connetix Magnetic Tiles.

In exploring various magnetic tile brands, we encountered different types and brands – namely some cheap amazon off brand examples which were fun but, I decided to discontinue the use of these due to safety concerns about dangerous loose magnets, much to Arlo’s disappointment. However, upon learning about Connetix magnetic tiles and their additional safety features, I was intrigued and decided to give them a try, having heard great things.

Magnetic Strength and Safety:

A standout feature of Connetix Magnetic Tiles lies in the robustness of their magnets, ensuring the construction of sturdy and reliable structures capable of supporting complex and intricate designs. The use of non-toxic ABS plastic further emphasizes their commitment to safety, making Connetix tiles a trustworthy and secure choice for educational play. Crafted with an unwavering dedication to exceptional quality, these tiles are manufactured without BPA, lead, or Phthalates. The added safety measures, including sealing and riveting, along with the distinctive bevelled design not only bolster strength but also create visually captivating clear refractions. As an Australian company with production based in China, Connetix prioritises the safety of their products, evident in their meticulous testing and adherence to safety standards. This dedication has earned them a commendable reputation among play experts and parents alike.

As soon as we received a box I opened them to carefully inspect the pieces on my own and noticed all of these key features were apparent. The box I received was extremely heavy.  Each tile is a soli 2D shape and heavier than you would expect but with smooth surfaces. The magnets are strong enough to build really high structures too. Of course Arlo was more than happy to delve right in and play with the pieces and put them to the test. Constructing tall towers and ramps for cars put the first pack we opened to the ultimate test and these pieces appear to have some scratch resistance and still look brand new even after crashing to the floor after an imaginative Godzilla style stomping attack amongst other creative play sessions. The powerful magnetic building plate design makes for a real quality toy, one which I am more than happy to recommend to others. 

Unboxing Connetix Magnetic Tiles

Each box comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a thinner cardboard sleeve. Inside there is no unused space. Each tile is carefully placed within the box to make sure as many pieces as possible can be squeezed in. I wish I had taken photos of each layer because I couldn’t fit them back in the same way. Luckily our box came with a canvas bag for handy storage. We started with the 62 piece starter pack which retails at around £65 – with pieces in six different vibrant rainbow colours. It contains various square pieces, some hollow and some with a window cross bar and some large ones which immediately gives some creative inspiration for building and playing. Alongside the squares are equilateral, right angled and isosceles triangles, again in the six vibrant rainbow colours.

The transparent bevelled magnetic tiles offer beautiful clear refractions. Just holding them up to the light is fun and it means your builds almost glow when they catch the sunlight. All of these pieces fit well with each other and there is a multitude of different builds you can create with this pack. Inside the box there was also thick booklet full of build inspiration including flat 2D animal shapes and large castle structures. There are endless play possibilities with just this one pack. We set to work recreating one of the tower ideas before hours of limitless creativity followed. 

The fun however does not stop here. As soon as Arlo noticed a big castle build in the booklet he insisted that he needed more tiles to build limitless structures. There are a variety of different expansion packs available from Connetix including shape expansion packs, specific shape packs such at the 18 piece rainbow rectangle pack as well as the 102 piece creative pack which introduces a new world of shapes and of course the ball run pack. It’s no surprises that Connetix is becoming the play practitioners magnetic tile of choice and making the perfect addition to play rooms and I can only imagine the complex structures possible in play settings with lots of different packs in their collection. This is the type of toy which you can add to wish lists for birthdays as there a range of different packs at different price points available and constant new product releases coming up.

One thing we noticed was the Connetix® signature pastel range. Expertly curated, this exclusive range expands the range of colours children can explore with unique pastel hues of pink, berry, peach, mint, emerald, lemon, violet and sapphire. Featuring our unique bevel design, strong magnets and added safety, the Connetix Pastel range will inspire children build big. Expanding the dazzling world of infinite possibility when it comes to Connetix creations.

These tiles are becoming a most used toy in our house because there are so many different ways to include them in play. From adding them to Tuff Trays, to constructing buildings and car parks to extravagant ball runs – We have been finding play idea videos on social media and trying them out at home – I think our rocket ship was a particular favourite.  I think that these have longevity in that the aspects of geometry mean that they will be suitable for play even if you have an older child. In fact I quite like playing with them myself to see if I can build robust 3D ball type shapes and look at other mathematical concepts without them collapsing. There’s some steam learning to be had here which I will always advocate as a DT teacher. 

When it comes to playing with magnetic tiles, it is not just about fun and the hours of play value which I think make this toy worth the somewhat luxury price point. These toys have an educational value which enables learning through play. 

How does play with magnetic tiles help your child’s Cognitive Development?:

Connetix Magnetic Tiles are more than just building blocks; they are catalysts for cognitive development. The use of 3D shapes, strong magnets and the unique bevelled design enhances a child’s understanding of geometry from an early age allowing for development of all important hand-eye coordination.  As children manipulate the variety of shapes to create structures, they engage in a form of unstructured play that stimulates their cognitive processes and lays the groundwork for future learning. The beauty of play with an open-ended toy means that you prompt imaginary play and children start venturing in to a creative design process. 

How does play with magnetic tiles develop your child’s Spatial Awareness?:

The inclusion of various shapes in the Connetix rainbow range contributes to the development of spatial awareness. From small squares to large rectangles, these magnetic tiles encourage children to visualise and understand how different elements fit together in three-dimensional space. This spatial reasoning is a valuable skill that extends beyond play and into various STEM disciplines. When opening a box I’m always surprised at just how many different pieces there are. The 60 piece rainbow starter pack contains everything you need to start building quite large structures and inside every box is also a booklet with some inspiration which makes a great starting point. Standard tile shapes include large and small squares, window shapes and three types of triangles.

How does play with magnetic tiles help your child develop Gross Motor Skills:

Beyond cognitive development, Connetix Magnetic Tiles contribute to the refinement of gross motor skills. The process of handling and connecting the tiles requires precision and coordination, offering a hands-on approach to the development of essential motor skills. Building with Connetix tiles becomes not only a creative endeavour but also a physical activity that supports overall motor skill development. The process of fitting together the polar ends of the tiles is somewhat trial and error which also helps with problem solving and design through making. 

How does play with magnetic tiles help your child develop Social Skills:

Connetix Magnetic Tiles are not just about individual play; they also play a role in developing important social skills. Whether children are collaborating to build a structure or sharing their creations, these tiles create opportunities for social interaction. This type of play activity can also engage siblings so that younger children build with older children and learn from each other. They’re also a great way to encourage play with multi generations within the same family. The collaborative aspect of building with Connetix fosters teamwork and communication, laying the foundation for strong social skills.

Open-Ended Play:

Connetix Magnetic Tiles are the epitome of open-ended toys, providing children with the freedom to create without limits. Whether building tall towers, big castles, or epic vehicle structures, the open-ended nature of these tiles fosters creativity and imagination. The possibilities are truly limitless, making Connetix tiles a favourite among children and a go-to option for unstructured play.

Connetix Magnetic Tiles are a powerful educational tool that excels in promoting cognitive development, spatial awareness, and social skills. With their unique design, vibrant colors, and commitment to safety, Connetix sets a standard for magnetic tile toys. As children embark on a magnetic tile journey with Connetix, they enter a dazzling world of infinite possibilities, where education and play seamlessly merge. From the ultimate rainbow fun to the pastel ball run expansion pack, Connetix offers a comprehensive range that caters to every aspect of a child’s development, making it a top choice for parents and educators alike. Explore the Connetix range today and switch imaginations to a whole new level!

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