Best type of artificial grass

These days, many homeowners and commercial business owners seem to be interested in investing in artificial grasses. There are a whole lot of manufacturers offering different types of artificial turf products. But how to choose the best type?

Best Artificial Grass

Grass Direct says that several factors are to be taken into consideration during the selection process. Doing thorough research on the web and taking help of industry professionals can help you make the right selection.

You may perhaps plan to practice something in your back garden or create a safe playground for your children. Hence, you need to select professionally tested products that are 100% latex and lead-free. They should be constructed using superior quality thatching’s and fibres while being provided with manufacturer warranty. Here are some features to consider selecting the best artificial grass type.

Appears lush & full: 

The blade length’s measurement from above backing to tip region is considered to be ‘pile height’. Long blades around 30-37mm can help create that ‘fuller, lush, luxurious’ look. Periodical brushing may be necessary, but not quite frequently like that of with big pile heights. 

Best Artificial Grass

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Withstand heavy usage/traffic

Are there children/pets? Their size and how often the grass is to be used daily? The amount of traffic will determine the turf type to purchase. 

Best Artificial Grass

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Substantial weight

Higher quality generally means heavier turf. The artificial grass can be laid out and rolled over. When installing on porches, rooftops or patios, check the building’s load bearing capacity. 


Dense turf will mean having more synthetic yarns present per square foot. Moreover, denser grass means more durability. It can be somewhat expensive. Selecting a good infill can make the turf appear ‘fuller’. 


The turf selected for the garden should not melt if exposed to very high temperatures. It should also retain natural shape while its colour should not fade easily. Being professionally UV tested will mean a safer turf for your family members and pets. 

Springy & Resilient

The turf’s backing contributes towards its toughness. The superior grade ones are not found to contract and expand if exposed to very high temperatures. Moreover, it is not likely to show sudden tears, ripples, bubbles or shrinkage. The infill should provide a certain bounce amount to the grass. Better infill used will make the lawn appear and feel springy. 


After installation, the turf should not require much installation care. Superior quality turfs do not require watering or mowing at any point in time. Even if something spills over it, using the garden hose to rinse it quickly will help clean it. 

Realistic colors

Opt for healthy green colours for your artificial turf to be installed in the garden. A ‘natural’ look is sure to enhance visual appearance. However, super-green grass might prove to be overwhelming at times. For something more natural, you may choose multi-tone turf. The right colour selection can help mimic traditional grass.

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