A North Pole Breakfast

I don’t know when this even became a thing but I love it. Arlo is an only child so I didn’t want to go totally insane (for once) but we had a lovely start to our day in the front room with this little collection of festive themed children’s snacks.

What better way to mark the arrival of our new house guest than with a breakfast fit for elves!

To start we had chocolate spread on toast – cutting the tree shape out with a cookie cutter and then adding a few sprinkles – I think we will repeat this one a few times through the month…. the magic sprinkles make everything taste wonderful apparently and it’s easy to mix this idea up with different shapes and spreads.

Our mini donuts were simply dipped in icing and then a big jar of sprinkles – I wouldn’t normally pop this kind of food on a breakfast but it was a special occasion…. next time we do this is will be for an afternoon tea or movie night.

Snowman strawberries …. Sliced and then stacked with white marshmallows with a little icing – another elf sized treat for the North Pole breakfast and this one was the first Arlo decided to tuck in to. I think we’ll be repeating this one and trying our more festive fruit snack ideas too.

The reaction from Arlo was entirely worth it and he’s totally prepared now to be good throughout December knowing that Santa is on his way.

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