4 Fun-Filled Days Out Ideas for Families Visiting Barcelona

Renowned for its world-famous architecture, the vast expanse of coastline, breath-taking artwork, and delicious local cuisine, it’s no wonder that Barcelona is one of the top holiday destinations for holidaymakers worldwide. Attracting 67% of international visitors per year, it’s not just the aesthetics that make Barcelona a popular holiday destination but the churches, castles, museums, and other attractions that can solidify a holiday as one of the best. 

Yet, what makes the capital of Catalonia a jet-setting destination for all ages is that it is so family-friendly. From the child-loving locals to the variety of family-friendly activities, Barcelona is suitable for all ages, so families won’t have to worry about keeping their kids entertained throughout the trip. 

But, if you’ve never been before, you might wonder what exactly Barcelona has in store for visiting families, which is why we’ve created this list of several fun-filled day-out ideas for families visiting Barcelona. Including visiting amusement parks and cramming in the typical tourist sights, plus tips detailing how to get around, checking the Barcelona weather forecast, and what to pack – continue reading to find out more. 

Visit An Amusement Park

If you’re the type of parent who enjoys jaw-dropping, eye-widening, and hair-raising thrills and yearns to share this passion with your children, you could consider taking your mini-me’s to an amusement park while visiting Barcelona. Amusement parks are big hits for children of all ages since they usually have a variety of rides aimed at teenagers to toddlers.

Fortunately, whether you have younger or slightly older children, there are a variety of amusement parks you can choose to take your kids to in Barcelona. Depending on which area of Barcelona you’re visiting, you can select between JuegaRV Barcelona, Barcelona Bosc Urba, Aventura Park Barcelona, Bubbleparc, Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo etc. 

However, if you choose to go to one of the above, ensure that you are well-prepared for your visit by packing appropriate clothing like waterproofs, trainers etc. and by checking the Barcelona weather forecast before heading out. Nothing can spoil a family day out like being soaked through with rain, so ensure that this doesn’t happen by using sites like Word Weather Online. 

As well as keeping you up to date with the Barcelona weather, their site also provides valuable insights into what to wear/pack during your visit, the best month to visit, and much more information. Consider using their site to help you prepare for your next family day out and see how it could prevent you from making the same slip-ups as other families! 

Go On A Boat Trip

As all parents can attest, children are obsessed with the way things work, from the wheels on a toy car to the buttons of a microwave. Due to this curiosity, many children are interested in popular transportation methods like trains, planes, or boats. If this is the case with your children, you could consider taking them to Port Veil, one of the many harbours that decorate Barcelona’s coastline.

As well as being home to various boats and cruise ships, Port Veil is also populated with a mall, a cinema, several eateries, and an entertainment complex. So, as well as being an excellent place to take your children so they can gawk at the splendour of the boats when they inevitably grow tired of looking at them, you can take them for some food at one of the many restaurants or let them nose around some of the harbour’s shops. 

If you grow tired of walking around the picturesque port, consider taking the children on one of the various boat trips that Port Veil offers. There are dozens of boat trips, like kid-friendly yacht trips to adult-themed vermouth cruises, if you can offload the kids at any point! If that fails, you’ve always got the aquarium right next to Port Veil and the parkland, which is an excellent place for children to let off some steam. 

Go On A Picnic

Another fun-filled activity for families to do on a day in Barcelona is to go for a picnic. Since picnics are a more relaxed version of mealtimes and tend to focus on other activities besides eating, children enjoy the flexibility they grant. Especially for parents with picky eaters in their mix, a picnic puts less pressure on eating; as the name suggests, children can pick at the food when they feel hungry, making the experience better for little ones. 

Gather all the necessary ingredients for your picnic by heading to Barcelona’s famous market La Boqueria, one of the capital’s top tourist destinations. Bring your children along and let them help you decide what to bring on your picnic; they will love all the vibrant colours and different shaped fruits and vegetables on display at the market and the overall hustle and bustle. 

It can be an excellent sensory experience for younger children, making them feel like they are helping you by selecting what to put in the basket and what not to. Once you’ve narrowed down your food items, you can head back to your accommodation and prepare various finger foods to take to one of Barcelona’s many parks

Go To The Seaside

Barcelona’s coastline is one of the many reasons why hundreds of tourists flock to the capital of Catalonia each year since it is popular with all ages. Barcelona is particularly a good vacation choice for those who enjoy the city’s hustle and bustle yet also crave the peace and relaxation that the beach grants. 

The only downside with Barcelona’s coastline is that it is artificial, meaning that the cleanliness isn’t all that great in some areas. So ensure that you do some research if you plan to take your children to one of them so that you are rest assured that it is safe for your children to build sandcastles, swim in the sea, and frolic about in the sand without having to worry about your day out being spoiled by rubbish etc. 



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