Top trends in commercial interior painting

It is quite essential to stay up-to-date with the painting trends, especially when you run a commercial business that includes many visitors around. Whatever the aim of your work is, you should always keep in mind that visual features of your business space are also as important as cooperation. Get yourself acquainted with top commercial interior painting trends.

Bold accents

If you want to make a big impact on your customers and draw their attention, bold accent walls are a great solution. Stop considering bright and neutral colours that are mostly dedicated to banks and offices. Hire professional painting and decorating contractors that would create an interesting pattern in the most focal point of the room or simply paint one wall in a distinguished colour.

Favorite paint colours of 2023

When it comes to paint choice, you should expect new trends almost every year. In 2023 the interior is considered to stand out if it’s painted in shades of green, dark or royal blue, and pink. When it comes to business interiors, the palette remains unchanged: from white and beige to classic gray.

However, many entrepreneurs consider colour psychology and want to create a welcoming atmosphere that will also match the company’s philosophy. The Millennials’ generation prefer colours that promote mindfulness, such as greens and grays, while the generation Z usually choose vibrant colours, such as orange or violet to highlight the idea of convenience and innovation. No matter what option is of your choice, you should always stick to certified painting and decorating contractors to obtain satisfying results.

Geometric patterns and murals

An extraordinary mural or well-designed pattern can work wonders in a commercial interior. In fact, such a work can be perceived in terms of art that attracts customers with a touch of creative space. Geometric patterns or interior murals can be inspiring, dynamic and eye-catching. If you run a clothes or shoe shop, covering interior walls with a graphic art will surely attract young generations.

The use of eco-friendly paints

Paints made from natural materials are the hottest trend of this year. There is a growing environmental responsibility and many companies identify with an aware use of eco-friendly items. Sustainable development is crucial for contemporary brands, and so are materials they use to promote its business. If you opt for the nature, you should definitely choose paints that are good for the environment and healthy for employees and customers.

Metallic accents

If you want your commercial interior painting to stand out, consider using accents in silver, gold or copper colour. Shiny accents make the interior look elegant and in good taste. Such elements can be composed with contrasting paint colours like ocean blue, cream, emerald or black. With a help of skilled painting and decorating contractors you can get a luxurious interior with a touch of glamour atmosphere. Do you want to make the space look even more unique? Consider adding a texture that will visually soften the interior.

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