Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

Homework can feel like a monotonous activity for children, but it’s an essential part of a child’s development of their skills both inside and outside of school. It’s not just about getting stuck into the homework itself, it’s about putting in the amount of work needed to finish your homework in time for submission and impressing their teachers.

To help your child smash their next homework assignment, here are some top tips shared from this nursery in Bookham.

Make a handy to-do list

A good list for your child to refer to can help them mentally plan out what they need to do, how much they need to complete and when all of their homework needs to be completed. If it helps your child you could use a whiteboard or a pinboard to keep tabs on their progress and tick off what’s needed each week as they go.

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Visualising what your child needs to complete and when will really help their management skills and reminds them regularly of what your child should be working on each week.

Break down the homework into chunks

If your child doesn’t have a quick deadline to reach, you can break down each bit of their homework into more manageable chunks across the week. Not only does this alleviate a lot of pressure on your child to work on everything at once, but they’re probably more likely to identify what they should prioritise. 

If there’s a deadline for 2 days time, your child should be able to know that that would be their priority over an assignment due the following week. Breaking down the homework into more manageable chunks each evening also removes the dread your child can feel from facing so much homework at once.

Provide your child with the optimum study space

If space allows, your child will work better in a quiet space that provides them with the things they need to get on with their homework straight away. Remove as many distractions as needed for your child to get as much focus down when handling their homework. If a separate room in the home isn’t something that can be done, you can opt to make a space in the kitchen or living room for your child to work at and agree to not disturb them unless they need some help.


Having a dedicated space to do your work helps greatly with a child’s attention to detail, they’re less likely to make mistakes, and they have that chance to think clearly without much going on around them.

Speak to your child’s teachers

Getting some outside support greatly helps your own understanding of how you can help your child with their studies and areas of improvement. Your child’s teachers will be able to explain to you on a detailed level what students are learning about and how you can help them on a personal level. By working with your child’s teachers on assignments, you can prioritise where your child’s focus should be when it comes to completing their homework.

Remind your child that it’s not the end

Your child may just struggle with their homework and it can give them a lot of unwanted stress. It’s important to sit down with your child and remind them that you are proud of them no matter what. Help them with their work as best you can, but the onus is on your child to an extent to work on these issues and manage their mistakes. Continue to praise your child for their successes in school, and remind them that the end goal isn’t just about how much homework they finish.


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