Things to know before a day out at Cadbury World with kids

Review Cadbury World Birmingham:

As a proud Brummie, the constant inquiries about Cadbury World never cease to amuse me. Nestled in the heart of Birmingham, this iconic tourist attraction stands as a symbol of chocolatey delight and a source of endless curiosity. Friends and acquaintances often fire off questions like, “Is it any good?” or “How much free chocolate do you get?” The queries range from the duration of the Cadbury World tour to the existence of a ride within its cocoa-infused realms. It’s as though Cadbury World is more than just a destination; it’s a source of fascination and wonder for those both near and far. Join me on a journey through the chocolatey haven that has become a defining feature of Birmingham’s cultural landscape.

What to expect when visiting Cadbury World:

The entrance to cadbury's world.

Booking your Cadbury World experience in advance is a savvy move, considering its popularity and the tendency for tickets to sell out on the day. Strongly advocating for online reservations, I recommend securing your spot to ensure a seamless entry. Once booked, you’ll be allocated a specific time slot, marking the beginning of your self-guided tour. This thoughtfully curated journey takes you through a predetermined route, unveiling a spectrum of zones that seamlessly blend education, interactivity, and, of course, sheer fun. Brace yourself for a delightful exploration that promises not only a taste of chocolate but also a multi-faceted experience that caters to all ages. Cadbury World also hosts seasonal events so at Christmas and during school holidays there are additional activities making it a fun-packed day for the whole family. 

What is there to do at Cadbury World? 

Embarking on the Cadbury World adventure, you’ll traverse a captivating journey through various zones, each narrating a unique chapter in the brand’s rich history. Begin with the Aztec era, delving into the origins of cocoa and its significance, before progressing through time to witness the inception of the iconic Cadbury brand. Gain insights into the Cadbury brothers’ journey, unveiling the secrets behind the beloved Cadbury’s Dairy Milk recipe. The immersive experience extends beyond historical narratives; within the confines of the attraction, you’ll encounter the interactive “Have a Go” zone, the enchanting Cadabra ride, and a demonstration area that offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the chocolate-making process.

A woman standing next to an easter bunny in a store.

As if that weren’t enough, the adventure extends outdoors with an inviting adventure park and a 4D cinema, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit. And let’s not forget the enticing gift shop, where you can indulge your taste buds with exclusive, handcrafted chocolates from the renowned Bournville. Cadbury World isn’t just a tour; it’s a multifaceted exploration that immerses you in the brand’s evolution, engages your senses, and ensures a memorable chocolate-infused experience for every visitor. When your entry time arrives, join the queue inside the visitor centre to embark on your journey. Each guest is given three different chocolate bars before the tour, and the opportunity to buy a tote bag or gift bag to store it all in.

A person holding a purple bag with the word cadbury on it.

Aztec Jungle & Journey into Europe: 

Embark on your Cadbury World journey with a captivating exploration into the history of chocolate, tracing its discovery back to the Aztecs. Begin your adventure on a self-guided exhibition tour by strolling through a lush jungle, immersing yourself in the rich history and origins of the cocoa bean. Delve into the tale of Montezuma, the Aztec emperor, and uncover the narrative of chocolate’s origins. Witness the upheaval as Montezuma faced control by the Spanish conquistadores, only to be eventually overthrown. You can go at your own pace here, taking your time to read the information boards and if you have young children, spotting all the different features in the exhibit spaces. I would suggest anywhere between 10-30 minutes.
As you progress through this lush narrative, engaging small videos unravel the fascinating journey of chocolate from its introduction to Europe, venturing into France and, ultimately, making its way to the United Kingdom. These visual snippets offer a window into the transformation of chocolate, evolving from the original Aztec creation to a beverage more akin to the delightful drinking chocolate we savour today. Cadbury World not only treats your taste buds but also takes you on an educational odyssey, weaving together history, culture, and the evolution of the beloved cocoa bean.

A child is standing in front of a large aztec clock.

Bull Street & The Story of Cadbury: 

Transitioning into the next section of the indoor attraction, Bull Street, feels like stepping onto a meticulously crafted film set within Cadbury World. This space beckons with its beauty, featuring windows that provide a tantalizing peek into a faithfully recreated original Cadbury store.

As you traverse the cobbled streets adorned with quaint shop fronts, immerse yourself in the narrative of Cadbury and his deep Quaker roots. This space sets the stage for learning all about the fascinating story of Cadbury chocolate. Every ten minutes or so the doors open from Bull Street in to the first mini cinema. This gives you plenty of time to take selfies on Bull street and also means that the guests are staggered so the experience never feels too crowded.

The first film in this cinematic journey is a captivating film that unfolds the remarkable tale of Cadbury’s ascent from humble beginnings to the globally acclaimed brand we know today. Through the lens of history and the artful storytelling within Bull Street, you not only witness the growth of a company but also become part of its enduring legacy. Younger children might not find this section of the tour as interesting but there is plenty more to come. One great feature here is that the film is supported with sign language which is great inclusivity.

A child is standing in front of a christmas tree.

Making Chocolate & Manufacturing: 

The adventure continues as you find yourself in front of another cinema screen, but this time, the experience is heightened with moving seats that add a dynamic touch to your learning journey. You become a cocoa bean yourself. Here, the fascinating world of chocolate production unfolds before your eyes. Dive into the intricate process of extracting cocoa butter from the cacao beans inside the cocoa pods, following each step in the chocolate-making journey. While this part of the exhibition tour is undeniably educational, it’s tailored to captivate audiences of all ages, ensuring that even the younger visitors find it entertaining. Both movies combined run for a total of about 15 minutes. Post-cinema excitement leads you into a room where the magic of chocolate creation comes to life. Imagine a “how it’s made” version, where you witness the manufacture of your favourite Cadbury’s products. There are a variety of small screens displaying short videos on a loop so that you can spread out from the group and take your time to absorb all of the information. The experience is not just informative but also indulgently fun. One highlight that steals the show is the production of the beloved Cadbury Crème Eggs, with interesting facts and figures which will fascinate fans of the infamous Cadbury Treat. Cadbury World skilfully combines education with entertainment, making the chocolate-making process both enlightening and thoroughly delightful for visitors of all ages. From here on in the fun really begins. You leave this space and need to take the stairs up to the next zone.

Cadbury World Have A Go Area:

A little girl writing on a table with chocolate.

The “Have a Go” zone holds a special place in my heart, and I’m eagerly anticipating the updates set to unfold in 2024 under Merlin’s stewardship of Cadbury World. The prospect of exciting refurbishments adds an extra layer of anticipation to an already cherished area. Reflecting on past visits, the skilful chocolatiers showcase their craft by demonstrating the intricate art of tempering chocolate. The team always seem to be enjoying themselves as they explain how to temper chocolate whilst waving it around in front of you in ribbons and patterns. The atmosphere was nothing short of magical as they orchestrated the infamous chocolate rain, leaving the audience in awe as you see how filled chocolates are created. The highlight of the “Have a Go” zone, however, is the hands-on experience it offers. Stepping forward to a marble table, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the world of chocolate creation. Armed with liquid chocolate, the task of drawing your name and pictures onto the table unveils just how intricate and delightful the process can be. It’s a moment of both creativity and indulgence, where visitors can take part in the sweet alchemy that defines the essence of Cadbury World. With Merlin at the helm, the future of the “Have a Go” zone promises to be an even more enchanting and interactive experience for all. The demonstration repeats every ten minutes or so and you get about five minutes to play with chocolate which is plenty of time. There’s also hand basins nearby to wash your hands. 

Photos & Cadabra:

A child is sitting in a ride at a theme park.

Following the creative exploits of the “Have a Go” zone, your Cadbury World adventure takes an exciting turn. The journey continues with a unique opportunity to capture the moment through a green screen photo. This special memento allows you to insert yourself into a Cadbury-themed backdrop, creating a personalized keepsake to commemorate your visit. I usually skip these but there are a few different backdrops you can choose and then they offer some really fun gift packages including keyrings and your own custom wrapper for a bar of chocolate which make a great keepsake or gift idea. The magical Cadabra ride unfolds as a delightful and gentle experience, designed with young families in mind. Picture yourself seated in a little car, accommodating up to four individuals, as it leisurely takes you on a whimsical journey through the enchanting world of the Chuckle Beans. Amid the vibrant hues and an array of moving props, little ones are sure to find themselves captivated by the magical surroundings.

The ride introduces some familiar faces, including the lovable Caramel Bunny, adding a touch of Cadbury charm to the whimsical adventure. Unlike a thrill-seeking rollercoaster with surprises, jump scares, or bumps, the Cadabra ride offers a serene and enjoyable escapade, making it the perfect choice for families seeking a magical, lighthearted experience. The absence of intense elements allows visitors of all ages to relish in the wonder of this captivating journey without any unexpected jumps or bumps, but it might perhaps be a little too gentle for older children to enjoy. You may need to queue here but the ride itself takes no longer than five minutes. We are really excited to hear that a new ride is going to be arriving in 2024 too – we can’t wait to see what this involves.

Cadbury World Chocolate Tasting & Making

A child is being helped by a person in a lab.

Can you taste the chocolate at Cadbury World? Picture this: you have the chance to curate your own chocolate masterpiece within a delicious pot of warm melted cadbury dairy milk. The process involves selecting two toppings from a tempting array of favourite confectionary items that includes fudge, marshmallows, white chocolate buttons, Oreo, and dark chocolate buttons. These chosen delights are then harmoniously blended with molten Dairy Milk in a dainty paper cup. The result? A heavenly concoction that is not only visually appealing but also absolutely delicious. It’s an experience that caters to the sweet tooth in all of us and adds an extra layer of sensory delight to the overall Cadbury World adventure.

A child looking at a chocolate egg in a display case.

This assortment of chocolatey zones isn’t just a feast for the taste buds; it’s also a visual spectacle where you can witness the world-famous chocolatiers honing their craft. Full disclosure, we might be a little biased here since Arlo’s nanny is an integral part of the team, contributing to the creation of the exhibition pieces displayed not only at Cadbury World but also at various attractions and events. It’s a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the meticulous process of crafting exquisite chocolate creations. During your visit, keep an eye out for the production of exclusive items, a testament to the artistry of the skilled team.

A child is looking at a crown in a display case.

A highlight is the crafting of chocolate teapots, each one adorned with bespoke designs meticulously applied by hand. These masterpieces are not just for show; they are available for purchase in the gift shop along with other exclusive chocolate gifts. It’s a chance to take home a piece of the chocolatiers’ craftsmanship and perhaps a sweet memory crafted by Arlo’s nanny herself. The intertwining of personal connections and the artistry on display adds an extra layer of charm to the Cadbury World experience. At the end of this section we received another complimentary chocolate bar to add to our bag.

A variety of chocolates are on display in a display case.

Advertising Avenue & Purple Planet: 

As you near the conclusion of the official Cadbury World tour, you stroll down Advertising Avenue, a nostalgic path adorned with a collection of the brand’s iconic adverts spanning across the years. While some of the subtleties may be lost on the younger visitors, it’s a delightful trip down memory lane, with personal favourites like the Coronation Street model adding a touch of nostalgia, making it a sentimental highlight.
At the end of this visual journey awaits the infamous Gorilla, now brought to life through animatronics, much to the delight of everyone. An interactive element adds to the fun, as visitors engage by tapping buttons, creating a lively and memorable experience.

A child is standing in a room with a mirror floor.

Transitioning into the interactive displays area marks a dynamic shift, offering a blend of unique games suitable for visitors of all ages. Among them is a cocoa pod growing challenge adorned with lights of different colours, challenging you to press them in the order shown to nurture your own cocoa tree, ensuring it receives adequate sun and rain before the rewarding harvest of cocoa pods.
For those with a bit of energy to spare, there’s a floor where you can joyously run around, stamping on different chocolates and revel in the delightful explosions beneath your feet. Arlo, in particular, found this area to be a favourite, echoing the sentiment of many young visitors. You can spend as much time as you would like in this area. Arlo didn’t want to leave and so we stayed for around 30 minutes.

The grand finale unveils a giant purple planet, seemingly an optical illusion masterfully crafted with mirrors. As you exit the exhibition, the gift shop beckons, offering the perfect opportunity to take home a piece of the Cadbury World experience, ensuring that the sweet memories linger long after the visit concludes. The journey through Cadbury World seamlessly blends nostalgia, interactivity, and visual marvels, leaving visitors with a lasting impression of chocolate-infused delight.

Cadbury Gift Shop – The World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop:

An easter tree in a store.

For chocolate enthusiasts, the Cadbury World gift shop is nothing short of a paradise, adorned with beloved characters, including the charming caramel bunny, gracing its walls. Every corner seems to offer a perfect photo opportunity amidst a plethora of merchandise. Soft toys, mugs featuring characters past and present, and various offers make it a haven for chocolate aficionados.The factory outlet area is a treasure trove, presenting tempting options like huge bags of misshapes and enticing multi-buy offers. During our last visit, a generous 850g of Dairy Milk was up for grabs at a mere £5, showcasing the affordability and value for money found here. But what truly sets this shop apart are the exclusive production pieces – from chocolate teapots and shoes to footballs, each meticulously decorated by the production team from inside the tour. These unique pieces, alongside seasonal items like hand-decorated items such as an Easter egg, make for wonderful and one-of-a-kind treats.

A display of chocolates in a supermarket.

Surprisingly, the adventure doesn’t conclude at the shop; Cadbury World extends around the back of the building, providing a leisurely continuation for those with more time to spare. While the factory tour typically takes around an hour and a half, we always find ourselves enjoying the time outside, savouring the extended attractions at our own pace. Cadbury World truly caters to both the quick explorers (perhaps trying to squeeze in a trip to the local Merlin attractions on the same day) and those who wish to savor every chocolatey moment to the fullest.

African Adventure: 

As you venture around the back of the building at Cadbury World, a spacious african adventure play area welcomes you with a delightful array of attractions. Dominated by raised wooden huts, slides, rope bridges, and climbing areas, this cleverly designed outdoor play area has been thoughtfully divided to cater to different age groups. Each section offers age-appropriate activities, ensuring that every child finds something enjoyable.
Amidst the play structures, there’s a central hub featuring plenty of picnic tables and a café serving up a variety of hot and cold drinks, snacks, burgers, and hot dogs. This area serves as a perfect pitstop, allowing visitors to recharge before continuing their exploration. The well-designed play area and accompanying amenities make the back section of Cadbury World an ideal space for families to relax, refuel, and make the most of their leisurely visit. You can eat your own lunch here if you so wish.

A child is playing on a slide in a playground.

The Bournville Experience:

 At the back of the play area, a fascinating exploration awaits in the Bournville Experience, shedding light on the profound impact the Cadbury factory had on the village. A noteworthy addition to this section is ‘The Gill Cocks Collection,’ unveiled by Gill Cocks herself and Duncan Cadbury, Trustee, and former Chairman of the Bournville Village Trust. Gill graciously gifted her extensive collection to the Cadbury Archives in Bournville.
Visitors to Cadbury World can now immerse themselves in a replica of Gill’s living room, a key component of the history of cadbury exhibition. Inside this living room, over 400 items from the collection are on display, featuring traditional wooden chocolate boxes, framed advertisements dating back to the 1890s, and royal souvenir tins and boxes. These artifacts provide a captivating glimpse into the historical evolution of Cadbury’s marketing and branding over the years. Additional cabinets outside the living room showcase an additional 1,200 items, offering a comprehensive view of vintage Cadbury memorabilia, including mugs, biscuit tins, seasonal items, glass milk bottles, jigsaws, and drinking chocolate tins.

The exhibition not only highlights the artefacts but also delves into the positive impact Cadbury had on its workforce and the community. Many of the original buildings created by Cadbury in Bournville still stand today, a testament to the enduring legacy of the company’s commitment to its employees and the surrounding community. For those interested, you can take a stroll around the village which allows a first-hand look at these historic structures and areas.
This immersive journey into the heart of Bournville adds a layer of historical depth to the Cadbury World experience, making it not just a celebration of chocolate but also a tribute to the rich heritage of the brand and its impact on the surrounding community.

Freddos Magic Circus:

A man dressed as a frog on a stage.

During our visit, a delightful fifteen-minute show captivated audiences, starting every half an hour. The star of the show was none other than Freddo, taking center stage in various circus acts that undoubtedly entertained the audience. The show culminated in a sing-along and dance-along session, adding a lively and interactive element to the experience.It’s worth noting that the specific show featuring Freddo and the circus acts may be part of a rotating schedule of performances at Cadbury World. On different visits, we’ve encountered a variety of shows, including a mini panto and a festive show featuring Santa. This dynamic approach to live entertainment ensures that each visit to Cadbury World holds its own unique charm, offering diverse experiences that cater to different themes and occasions. The regular introduction of new shows keeps the atmosphere fresh and engaging for returning visitors, adding an element of surprise to each Cadbury World adventure.

Cadbury 4D Chocolate Adventure – 4D Cinema Experience:

A young boy sitting in a purple chair in a movie theater.

Without a doubt, one highlight you wouldn’t want to miss during your visit is the Cadbury 4D Chocolate Adventure cinema experience—an absolute gem! It has earned its reputation as a must-see, and I completely understand why they may limit showings during busier times. The experience is continuous throughout the day, offering flexibility for visitors to catch this captivating show.
The main cinema adventure spans 12 minutes, but the fun begins five minutes prior in a holding room where cocoa news reports set the stage for the immersive experience to follow. While filming isn’t allowed, the show itself is nothing short of brilliant. Picture this: the famous mini egg parrot causing delightful mayhem, an appearance by the Cadbury Creme Egg airship, a giant chocolate Crunchie rollercoaster, opportunities to spot more famous characters, and much more. It’s a multisensory extravaganza with motion seats and 3D glasses that brings the magic of Cadbury to life in a way that words can hardly do justice. The Cadbury 4D Chocolate Adventure is an absolute treat for the senses and an experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

A little girl standing in front of a blue monster truck.

Review Cadbury World Useful Information:

Cadbury World re-opens it’s doors on 8th February 2024 with tickets available from £18.95

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