The kitchen in the house that chaos built

The kitchen has taken me a long time to get right. What I thought I wanted was in fact totally wrong for this space and the available light. Nine months after I first began testing paint samples on the wall I finally have a space I’m happy with. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many swatches I tried but for trade paint supplies there’s a huge variety available and a fab colour matching service too.

When the big flooring project was taking place last autumn I have to admit that even though I had a visualisation, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to a finished stage and I couldn’t even bear to unbox my crockery collections and think about adding finishing touches. I’ve always loved retro chequerboard floors and so I wasn’t willing to compromise on this at all. When I found my tiles on sale for £4 a pack I bought them and all the materials turning my kitchen in to a building site for a couple of weeks

There was nothing wrong with the kitchen I had in the first place, I always think these rooms should be functional more than stylish but at the same time the kitchen is the hub of our home and especially this last year I have spent so much time at home baking to while away the hours and now I’m looking forward to hosting friends and family with my new found culinary skills. I started off last year thinking that I wanted to have the exact same kitchen as Monica from Friends. A warm and friendly space full of all sorts of random things.

I painted the cupboards blue with a matching cream accent and I loved it over the summer – but during winter this colour just made the space feel smaller. The blue paint seemed to absorb all of the colour. You can see I already began testing out samples on the little drawers as I hadn’t made my mind up. I did however love that the sage green matched my collection of Beryl Ware. Another dream was to have a wooden worktop but as I’m on a shoe string budget I opted for DC fix before committing to such a big change and I’m so pleased with the effect of the vinyl that I am currently saving up to replace the entire kitchen and get real wood to complete the look.

I finally settled on sage green for the cupboards and then used these adhesive stickers to give my kitchen tiles a makeover. I’ve done a complete U turn from my original plan but this works in the space. The food I cook most often has inspired this more Mediterranean vibe, and all of the bits I started unpacking just seem to match – my copper saucepans which I bought from a flea market and my collection of Le Creuset I’ve been hoarding for years. It’s been a light and airy space all through winter and now that the spring sunshine has begun to stream through it is such a bright space to be in.

The final piece of furniture to complete the kitchen was found in a skip of all places. A perfectly sized drop leaf table with barley twist legs. I’ve sanded down the top leaving the exposed natural wood and painted the legs to compliment the kitchen cupboards. The opposite end of my kitchen is “my happy place” – I’ve used all the different sample pots of colours on my chairs because I couldn’t make my mind up and some how it just works.

Like most kitchens in family homes – finishing touches are fresh flowers and children’s art work. It’s not perfect but it’s my new favourite place in the house that chaos built.

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