The Best Student-Friendly Countries to Visit

When you are studying, this is the best time to travel long distances. This is because you are easygoing; you don’t need a lot of things, and most students will be limited to a simple backpack to go anywhere. More often than not, you don’t have to think about how to make the trip comfortable for your little child yet. That is why many students decide to travel far.

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 If you are one of those students and nothing stops you from traveling, here is a list of European countries that are student-friendly and worth visiting.


Museums, galleries, monuments, palaces and castles, all this and in huge quantities you will find in England. The British Museum will open its doors for you free of charge to acquaint you with the culture and history of this beautiful country. Visiting the capital of England, you will see how multicultural and diverse it is. If you are a soccer fan, you should also go to England, and if you are lucky, you will be able to attend the match of your favorite team. It is worth considering that accommodation can be pretty expensive, but if you are traveling with a group and book in advance, then this will be a more budget option.

Czech Republic

If you love beautiful architecture, would like to visit ancient castles and look at one of the most famous bridges in Europe, go to Prague. Not only will you see a lot of sights, but Prague is also an ideal place for the sweet tooth because it is known all over the world for its desserts. Another positive point is that this country is relatively inexpensive, so it is ideal for students.


If you have not decided exactly how you would like to spend your trip, then Spain is the perfect option for you. If you need beaches and discos, then you can go to one of the islands in the Mediterranean, such as Mallorca or Ibiza. If mountains are your thing, then head to the north of Spain and enjoy great views, hiking, and cool weather. If you want to see architecture that you will not find anywhere else in the world, then Barcelona, where Gaudí created, should be your destination. If you want to look at unique monuments, such as the monument to the devil, or see world-famous paintings from the Prado Museum, then, of course, you need to go to Madrid, the capital of Spain.


This country, and primarily its capital Amsterdam, is a well-known and popular destination among students. The city is relatively small, but it combines impressive architecture, beautiful canals, and of course, its nightlife that will help you to forget about your studies and enjoy your time with friends. This city is also very eco-friendly, so you can rent a bike everywhere and ride around the city just the way you want.

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