Super Cute Little Babies – review

Paloma is enjoying the toy reviews just as much as Arlo these days, and as much as she loves to join in with the boys and participate in their mayhem, sometimes she just wants a quiet moment to herself. For such an assertive girl, Paloma is not one who is easily pleased with the majority of dolls on the market who conform to stereotypes she gets frustrated with. This is where Super Cute Little Babies stand apart from the crowd.

From Flair GP this range of dolls have been sent with a mission to save the planet. There’s several different characters within the range and each has a different take on this theme. We received Kala who can control water. Other dolls in the range include

  • Gabi who controls the Sun
  • Sisi who can control the wind
  • Regi who can control ice
  • Sofi who can control plants.

These dolls come with a range of accessories which you would expect to receive with a doll including a bottle, hair brush , dummy and bib. However the bib also doubles as cape and they come with an eye mask too. The idea is the babies take one sip from their magic milk bottles and transform in to their super hero alter ego’s.

What else do they do?

There’s a lovely little leaflet inside the box which describes some eco messages including a reminder to recycle the packaging and batteries which is the first “mission” – with a water saving superhero Paloma was keen to let us know all about how to save water by not running the tap when you brush your teeth. This is something which she’s learnt in school and it was great way to inspire a conversation about other ideas.

Kala required batteries (not included) and so I went and fetched a screwdriver and some AAA’s to pop them in to her back. with a flick of a switch this revealed that Kala’s stomach had little dots in the shape of a star which act as a speaker . I thought these were just a pattern at first so this was an unexpected surprise.

The clothes are reversible

This doll came with pants and boots which can be turned inside out and the bib acts as as the cape. This is a nice little feature which adds play value.

The top half of the doll is covered in a pink layer of clothing with the water logo and this also lights up, as does the bottle – hence proving its magic!

The hair of the doll was tied up in a little ponytail with only the tail being hair like, the scalp was moulded plastic. I quite like this feature as it keeps Kala’s hair nice and neat which is often a struggle with dolls who come with accessories to play with their hair.

What else?

Kala is a fairly generous size at over 26cm tall which makes her great to hold and she also looks great on display and limbs which can be manipulated. The Super Cute little babies also have their own mini series on YouTube which is fun to watch and play along at home.

We did find that the dummy didn’t quite fit in the mouth so this was a redundant accessory for us.

Retailing at £31.99 in the Entertainer which is a typical price for a doll this size and so makes it fairly good value for money.

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