Re – Useable (not paper) chains

Paper chains are the perfect decoration for any occasion but they never last long, especially outdoors. So here’s a new way to make them.

You will need:

A4 Felt sheets

Velcro dots




This really is as simple as it sounds. Lay the felt landscape and use the ruler to draw lines about an inch apart and then cut your felt in to strips.

Affix your adhesive “hook” Velcro dots on to the ends of the strips and then place the “eye” dot on top with sticky side up.

Loop your strips and then squeeze the felt over the dots in your thumb and forefinger to adhere them.

Then repeat with all your strips, you can then pull the loops open and closed to make chains as required as many times as you like.

Our red white and blue felt is perfect for VE Day anniversary celebrations but we will be able to take these down, save them and add in other colours to mark different occasions.

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