Experience the Magic of Christmas at Cotswold Farm Park: What to Expect

Two children walking through a tunnel of lights.

Nestled in the heart of Gloucestershire, the Cotswold Farm Park beckons visitors to immerse themselves in a truly enchanting experience – the Enchanted Light Trail. As the clock strikes 4 PM, the farm transforms into a luminous wonderland, captivating guests with thousands of twinkling lights and whimsical installations. This family-friendly event is scheduled on various dates from late November to the end of December, ensuring that the festive spirit is alive throughout the holiday season.

The magic begins as visitors embark on a spectacular nighttime journey, guided by the gentle glow of the lights. A carefully crafted trail leads from the visitor center to the park’s boundaries and back, offering a mesmerizing stroll through the farm like never before. The entire path is adorned with stunning light displays, creating an ambiance that’s both festive and serene.

My favourite area was the section of rainbow woodland which was towards the end of the route. From a distance it looked stunning but walking inside was magical. With mirror balls at the end in a small dell we couldn’t help but swing each other around in the dazzling speckles of light.

Other stand out features include the animal displays, carefully curated installations which created farm animals in amongst the paddocks which were in keeping with the surroundings . The ducks were fabulous and made Arlo burst in to a rendition of the twelve days of Christmas.

One of the highlights of the Enchanted Light Trail is the opportunity to visit the Glowing Animal Barns. After hours, these barns come to life with beautifully decorated interiors, providing a magical setting to meet, feed, and interact with the farm’s adorable animals. It’s a heartwarming experience that not only delights visitors but also contributes to creating lasting memories.

As guests wander along the picturesque trail, they are treated to a whimsical journey through the farm’s landscapes. The soft rustling of leaves, combined with the dazzling lights, creates a captivating atmosphere that invites visitors to fully immerse themselves in the festive spirit. Numerous picture-perfect selfie stations are strategically placed along the trail, allowing guests to capture and cherish these magical moments. An onsite professional photographer ensures that these memories can be taken home in the form of printed souvenirs.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Enchanted Light Trail offers the chance to toast marshmallows and indulge in the gooey chocolatey goodness of freshly roasted S’mores. It’s a delicious way to add a touch of warmth to the winter evening. This was Arlo’s favourite part of the evening. He climbed up to a viewing platform and said that he could see a festival in the distance. I didn’t quite believe him but as we approached the play area there was a gathering of people listening to an acoustic guitar set and roasting marshmallows around several fires.

It was here we paused to buy hot chocolates and mouth watering pigs in blanket hot dogs. At about eight pounds each these were delicious – my festive version had stuffing, cranberry sauce and Brussels sprouts! At this point in the evening we were just starting to feel the cold so this pause in our journey was very welcome.

Just near to this spot we found a little barn which hosted karaoke songs and has some retro games machines. It was a really random find and we enjoyed listening to various Christmas songs as different people took it in turns to sing along. With disco lights and a sparkly background I couldn’t have stayed there all night long.

You’re looking at £21.95 per adult and £16.50 for children’s tickets which is one of the more premium price points for a light trail but considering the farm access is included then it makes is worth while. Exclusive member prices make the experience even more accessible for those who have joined the Cotswold Farm Park community. Members can simply select the special tickets when booking, and the savings are automatically applied. This gesture adds an extra layer of appreciation for those who actively support the farm’s mission and activities.

The adventure doesn’t end with the Enchanted Light Trail. The farm park goes a step further by transforming its indoor play barn into a festive haven. Families can relax, enjoy hot drinks, and let the little ones blow off some steam in this uniquely themed space. There was a silent disco area as well as the sand pit and soft play. The cafe had all sorts of festive foods available to purchase including cakes and festive popcorn.

As visitors wind down from the enchanting journey, the farm park’s shop beckons with a treasure trove of gifts and mementos. Whether it’s a reminder of the festive experience or a special gift for a loved one, the shop ensures there’s something for everyone.

To indulge in the complete experience, guests can explore the fabulously festive menu at the park’s restaurant. From delicious pigs in blankets to succulent turkey, the chef’s Christmas selection promises a culinary delight that complements the seasonal festivities. You could really make the most of your visit and settle down as a family for an indulgent and quality meal.

Accessibility is a key consideration for the Cotswold Farm Park. The Enchanted Light Trail takes place on flat ground throughout ensuring ease of movement for guests of all abilities. Crushed stone or concrete pathways have been strategically implemented, providing smooth navigation for wheelchairs, strollers, and individuals with mobility challenges. The farm park is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the beauty of the farm during the festive period.

For those eager to secure their spot on the Enchanted Light Trail, early booking is recommended. Time slots have a limited capacity, and priority access can be gained by joining the exclusive mailing list. By signing up, individuals receive advanced notice when the limited number of time slots is released, ensuring they don’t miss out on the magical experience. As we pulled up to the event the car park seemed full which made me groan a little, I hate it when places like this are too busy, but these slots meant that guests were actually well spaced out along the route and nothing was too busy and overwhelming for us.

In conclusion, the Cotswold Farm Park’s Enchanted Light Trail is not merely an event; it’s a symphony of lights, nature, and festive joy. From the glowing animal barns to the whimsical wander through picturesque trails, every element is meticulously curated to create an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. It’s a celebration of tradition, conservation, and the magic of the holiday season, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to create lasting memories with family and friends.

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