Ergonomic home office chairs for Back support

A review of the Flexispot Back support home office chair. Packed full of adjustable features and the ideal solution for eradicating back pain which stems from working in a home office environment.

Working from home

Working from home has become a new normal for many of us, which means that living spaces have had to adapt for many of us. Initially I started attending zoom calls from my living room sofa with my laptop perched on a coffee table but I quickly realised that my back was taking the hit and I was struggling with pain and muscle tension.

I decided I needed make better use of my space and working at the dining table seemed like a good idea at the start, but my wooden hard backed chairs were uncomfortable after any prolonged duration and I also found myself getting continuously disturbed as people wanted to use the space for cooking and eating themselves – hence I turned a bedroom in to a home office.

A Home office chair

The most logical choice for me was to choose a good desk and so I ordered the FlexiSpot standing desk and I wrote all about how much of a game changer it was for me having an adjustable height and automated settings. Standing up at the desk is especially useful during presentations and online calls, but of course in between this there’s excel spreadsheets to amend and emails to send.

Enter the Flexispot BS10 home office chair. A perfect match for the desk. The latest BS10 Back support home office chair is designed for long sitting sessions, it is a fully adjustable office chair, lumbar support and foldable armrest to give you the best sitting experience in any scenario, from working to relaxing.

The seat is padded, firm but comfortable – the cushioning is more than ample and extends to wrap around the front of the chair which is great for the back of your legs too. This is a feature which many chairs miss and is massively appreciated.

The design details iThe home office chair

The wheels and overall design of the chair with its aluminium base make it stylish, providing the right balance of form and function for me, because I take great pride in my home decor and didn’t want anything which looked like it didn’t belong. I particularly like the wheels, as all too often these are a design feature which gets looked over – these wheels seem to just glide across the floor, and work just as well on laminate and carpet.

Adjustable features

This is a two in one handle and has two functions – not only can you raise the height but you can also twist the handle to adjust the back rest resistance. This is a really unusual sensation. Sitting on the chair and tweaking the settings for this is fun as you can feel the change in your lower back. On the opposite side there is another handle which adjusts the position of the seat and locks the backrest tilt. These handles are fairly discreet. Simple and intuitive to operate – it takes a few tweaks to get it right and find the position which works best.

The back of the chair is also adjustable and has a range of 8cm so it can be moved up and down providing lumbar support for the whole body which prevents back pain and you can also spot the detail in design here with the wooden panel insert.

The headrest again is adjustable – it moves up and down over a 6cm range. It can also be rotated/tilted in to different positions quite simply. The headrest features that comfortable padding too adding to overall comfort.

With so many different features to play with this chair is adaptable to suit people with different body shapes and heights. Ten spec states it has a maximum load capacity of 125kg and in terms of the height adjuster – the chair can be set from 116cm up to 132 cm.

Spring sale

This chair can be ordered online from Flexispot now and throughout March there is a spring sale with various desks and chairs on offer.

I might also add that ordering is a smooth process, shipping is free and delivery times are speedy. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee available. It’s certainly worth checking out additional items in the range including gaming chairs and office chairs with exercise equipment built in.

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