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With the summer holidays fast approaching we have been making the most of the glorious sunshine. The paddling pool is set to be a permanent garden feature. We have our suncream and parasol ready too. As soon as I heard about the ChillFactor Neon Slushy range I just had to get my hands on them. Of course I opted for two so Arlo and I could share the fun!

The ChillFactor Neon Slushy cups are available in three different colours. We have bright pink with an orange lid and trim and a deep blue with a neon green contrast. There’s no mistaking who’s is who’s. As soon as they arrived I popped the whole cup in the door of the freezer. With British weather being as it is, I ended up waiting almost a week for some hot weather to arrive. Then I could finally test these out.

Whats in the box?

The box contents consist of several parts – and they come pre assembled. Once you take it all apart you know exactly how it goes back together. The main cup itself is made from a rubbery texture with a solid plastic neon contrast rim. Then a second neon contrast seal fits neatly on top and then the lid screws on top of this. The lid also conveniently unscrews in to two parts to wash up. Plus theres a good quality straw with a scoop which can be attached.

I’m obsessed with figuring out how things work. As soon as we had used the cups once I had to figure out the magic. Inside the squishy cup is a cold bag. It’s a little bit like the kind of medical ice pack you can get. it has that lovely squeezey squishy feel to it. I think the cup itself is made from a material which insulates against the cold. These really do feel freezing!

How does the ChillFactor Neon Slushy Work?

Once the cup is suitably cold you simply pour your liquid of choice in and squeeze. It’s a sheer delight to watch because what happens. As soon as the liquid comes in to contact with the frozen walls of the inner cup it freezes. Then because it’s a squishy texture, once you squeeze the cup these frozen shards break in to your liquid drink. Then a new layer of liquid comes in to contact with the surface to freeze. Quite rapidly the entire drink resembles a slush. I was impressed with the science behind this. If you really want to talk about surface area ratios it’s an excellent learning opportunity.

Then of course you get to embrace the slush!

What drinks can you use in the ChillFactor Neon Slush

So far we have been experimenting with what we have at home. Our first option was a tropical fruit juice purely because we were embracing the heatwave. Then Arlo wanted to try out and compare a fizzy drink to see how that would work. Both worked just as well as each other and we were equally as fascinated with enjoying the making process both times. In fact because it’s so much fun we already have plans to try out some other recipes. Arlo wants to see if we can try and make a “Mini Milk” slush and I’m going to see how it works with a yoghurt based drink which is thicker before attempting a margarita on my birthday.

Are they worth it?

At £10 from Smyths I’m so glad we have the ChillFactor Neon Slushy cups as a permanent fixture in our freezer. These days a 99 from the ice cream van does not cost 99p and making our own frozen treats from whatever we have at home is much more cost effective and a fun process. There’s a science lesson to be had about heat transfer and there’s also room to get creative with recipes.

As a side note if you’re sensitive to specific ingredients, maybe have an allergy or just want to avoid excessive sugary treats for little ones then you know exactly what’s going in to the slushies which makes these a great summer holiday essential.

My Top Tips!

When you get the ChillFactor Neon Slushy cup for the first time then practice taking it apart to rinse it out before putting it back together popping it in the freezer for the first time.

When you add your liquid – start small. Remove the lid and add about 30ml of whatever you’re using, about 1/3 of a cup full and trial a squeeze to see how it freezes before slowly adding more liquid to the cup.

Be gentle with your first squeezes to avoid splashes – once you screw the lid on (tightly!) you can get more enthusiastic as the dome lid prevents any escape.

Keep squeezing. The insulated sleeve in the cup stays cold for quite a while so as you’re enjoying your slushy keep squeezing. It’s a fun sensory experience and keeps the coolness flowing.

Rinse your cup and pop it straight back the freezer to repeat the fun all over again!

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