Introducing Morphle Merch

Once upon a time I was a parent who was passionate about having zero screen free time – then lockdown happened and I discovered the untold positives of children’s technology. Of course I am still an advocate for learning through play and the benefits of natural resources but I have managed to find some wonderful kids shows which I feel really help kids learn important lessons for themselves.

Morphle caught my attention because he has a naughty counterpart or twin called Orphle (pronounced awful) the notion of which cracked me up and made me pay attention to the YouTube channel of Dutch animator Arthur Van Merwijk – I often find myself with kids shows still on long after bedtime and forget that Arlo isn’t even awake, I made a mental note as I thought he would enjoy this fab little show. Morphle is a funny little magical pet which belongs to Mila and they have all sorts of adventures together.

Morphle is magical and can transform in to all sorts of different shapes and animals which means he can often be called upon to help friends in a time of need. Mila (just like Arlo) has a strong imagination and so there’s no limit to the creativity – Morphle can become a dinosaur a giant truck, or even a fire engine with a large ladder to help rescue a cat stuck up a tree. It’s no surprises that the animation now has its own dedicated TV show and a huge range of merchandise and toys.

The idea is that whatever situation they find themselves in, a little creativity from Mila can help solve the problems and of course friendship tends to help overcome all the barriers too. These are powerful messages for little ones which we like to reinforce at home. Arlo likes to play pretend and “transform mummy in to” all sorts of creatures – I love to play along which is okay at home but I do get some funny looks when he tells me I’m a kangaroo in the middle of a supermarket and I play along by jumping around like a loon!

That’s beside the point – one of our favourite things about Morphle is his twin Orphle – we use this analogy to help communicate emotions and feelings in a positive way. The little plushie we were sent recently is ideal for this – we have conversations about how we feel on a daily basis and Arlo will show me the green or red side based on how he feels – a little like the inside out octopus (octopi?) toys work – Morphle is always happy and Orphle is how he tells me he’s been up to mischief – and trust me a four year old can create havoc at home in a matter of moments.

Arlo will re-enact episodes from the show and then continue the story with an ensemble cast of his toys here at home creating all sorts of escapades. His little Mila vehicles are ideal for this and he gets very involved with his role play and it keeps him busy for hours. These chunky little vehicles are ideal for small hands and he likes to take them out and about too. Other parents have spotted these and mentioned that they too have kids fascinated with magical Morphle and didn’t realise that there was a range of toys in existence.

These vehicles, the plushie and more Morphle items are available to order online now from retailers such as Amazon and would make ideal stocking fillers for little ones.

Products provided for the purpose of review but as always all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own

Christmas at the Lower Drayton play Barn

We have had the most wonderful time at the play barn. We love it here anyway with one of the biggest indoor soft play areas and all the usual farm animals to meet and greet but it’s had a festive make over which makes it all the more magical. When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly elf who handed us over our passports and gave us a little bit of orientation – the kids of course wanted to have a run around the soft play before we did anything so we enjoyed our adults complimentary hot drinks tokens from Honey Pots Cafe before starting our adventure.

The adventure began when we took a trip up in the “naughty or nice” lift and were greeted at the top by several elves who enthralled the kids. Stamping their passport for the first time and getting them involved in a conversation about Christmas to suss out if they’d been nice enough to meet Santa – and sure enough the kids were all invited to meet the big guy himself who enjoyed having a chat with them all and was happy to let us snap away lots of pictures. One of the good elf’s captured a family picture for us all too.

After our Santa meet the kids were given free reign to choose their own gifts from Santa’s toy shop and there were lots of different toys to choose from – all surprisingly good quality for a grotto and each managed to find something they loved before we moved on to complete our passport stamps.

Upstairs in the play barn the party rooms have been beautifully transformed in to different workshops – our first was a glitter heaven and each of the children were invited to get crafty with their own wooden decorations. Our elves were on hand to help with every step and fully prepared with all the colours and supplies they needed to achieve their stamp.

The upper soft play pitch has been turned in to a faux snow ball fight zone – with white balls and balloons everywhere this is a lovely zone for a high octane snowball tournament or a sensory moment for little ones to soak up the lights colours and textures. We had a little play and earnt another passport stamp before we checked out my personal favourite room – the gingerbread bakery.

The staging for this room wouldn’t be out of place in one of the garden centres we’ve visited recently, the attention to detail is brilliant and the kids were invited to pop on their aprons and get busy with some sweets and icing to decorate their own gingerbread cookies. Again our elves were very attentive and made sure every child had a lovely experience and a fabulous cookie to take home (or munch on).

My sister and I got a little bit emotional with the kids writing their letters to Santa, it’s the first time they’ve really been able to write their own letters – Arlo asked for robots and bakugans, Lincoln asked for a scooter and Paloma just wrote to say “I love you, from Paloma” – they spent so much time writing neatly before posting letters.

In between all of the activities we managed to head out to see the animals – Arlo asked a very patient elf the name of every single small animal and put her to the test – Rocket the Guinea pig was a firm fave and he decided to name the baby chicks after Santa’s reindeer – and then ran out of names so then we had Rudolph 2, 3, 4, 5…. You get the picture!

Downstairs at Honey Pots we opted for a couple of portions of chips and a toastie meal deal – there was quite a variety of different food options including hot/cold and lots of great looking cakes too. The kids ran around the indoor soft play for a while and then we ventured to the picnic barn with the big slides and the inflatables – we practically had this space to ourselves and spent a good hour running around like loons before the cold defeated us and we went inside.

Ham and cheese toastie meal deal from Honey Potts

Our passport had one final activity left to complete so we went to find out what the story was all about and found a movie screen with hay bales and blankets set up for a viewing of a mischievous elf story featuring many characters we had met throughout the day. It was at this point we realised we hadn’t been outdoors and absolutely needed to find the zip wire and bouncing pillow.

As the sun set we had the outdoor area to ourselves and had one final hurrah with some role play in the fire engines before we said our goodbyes to the elves and the cattle who were turning in for the night. I genuinely can’t recommend this experience highly enough. It was a fabulous day throughout and the team at the farm were working so hard to make sure every child had a magical time. The place has everything you need to capture that Christmas spirit and get you feeling festive.

Xmas at the farm is available to book until Christmas Eve – peak and off peak pricing applies – check out their website here for more information.

Our tickets today were provided for the purposes of review however as always all thought and opinions expressed are our own

Zimpli Baff Bombz – Amazing advent giveaway

I do T know about anyone else but bath times for us are a highlight of the day and have always been a little crazy, with lights, glow sticks and most recently these awesome zimpli baff bombz – this multi pack contains three different varieties – one of many awesome prizes we’re featuring this festive period so make sure to check out out other giveaways!

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Melissa and Doug – Amazing advent giveaway

Another awesome arts and crafts prize for the Amazing Advent 2021 – this time from Melissa and Doug and with a Dino theme – one of many awesome prizes we’re featuring this festive period so make sure to check out out other giveaways!

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ProjeX – toy review

Arlo getting some practice in.

From the moment we unboxed this game we have all been fiercely competing against each other for household champion bragging rights. ProjeX is like one of the retro arcade games and the best thing is you don’t need any screens – just the base, blasters and a blank wall.

ProjeX – inside the box

The box comes with a base, two blasters and three interchangeable cards for different targets plus full instructions on a sheet. The three different card options are targets, aliens and my personal favourite – ducks! The base has a slot to install the cards and two buttons which programme the game play – a simple LED screen flashes in to action when you press power and the base also lights up – and for the best game play the room lights need to be off.

The base whirrs in to action – rotating and moving up and down projecting the chosen targets on to the walls around the home and then it’s simply a case of directing your blaster at your intended target and firing. Each different target has its own unique sounds which have had us in stitches. Everyone in the family has been involved in the game play in one way or another. You can play solo, head to head – blue vs red to see who gets the highest score or you can choose to team up and work together to defeat the ducks and get the highest score possible!

Team work

There’s five different game play options and three different levels to choose from – I’ve been finding the kids (and adults) practicing their skills with a bit of solo practice at every opportunity as we’re planning a family tournament on our next rainy day. I’m really pleased with this toy because it reminds me of nostalgic childhood games and really does involve everyone as it’s so simple to get to grips with. The blasters have target pointers which help – the little red and blue dots track across the wall so you can get an accurate aim.

The pesky ducks!

We have been using this in the front room where we have a nice clear light wall to project on to and can draw the curtains for darkness. We find ProjeX works well lower down, so positioned on the floor or on a coffee table rather than a dining table and so far with hours of game play we’re still on the one set of batteries. (4xAA – not included). Overall I’m very impressed – ProjeX is available in Smyths with a RRP of £49.99 and provides hours of family fun.

ProjeX provided for the purposes of review but as always all views expressed are our own

Creart – Amazing advent giveaway

Painting by numbers has been updated for kids – as Ravensburger Toys have given this ever popular art project a new lease of life. The Creart sets are available in many different beautiful scenes and animal prints and I have two in the amazing advent for 2021 – the Koala and the Polar Bear.

Each kit contains everything you need, including a frame for your finished work of art! All of the colours in numbered pots and a palette to hold them, a paint brush, a durable high quality canvas with an easy to follow guide sheet and of course glitter for your finished masterpiece which will be 24x18cm.

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Geomags – Amazing advent giveaway

GeoMags panels 52 piece set

These are one of our most reached for construction toys, Arlo loves them and I’m really excited that the newer boxes available feature improved designs – the storage boxes for the pieces are now made from a more durable and fully recycled plastic which is great for storage. In fact the plastic used in the rods, panels and bases is recycled.

Geomags pyramid

Geomags are unlike any other magnetic toy on the market in that the balls are not magnetic, it’s the “sticks” which have the magnets and so you can get really creative with construction, especially with the rainbow coloured pieces in the box. Aimed at age 5+ due to small parts these are a Xmas wish list essential for 2021.

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An amazing festive giveaway

This is the big one – I’m absolutely delighted to be squeezing on one more festive giveaway this year – 2021 is the gift which keeps on giving and this prize bundle is one which would be the icing on the cake to end the year on a high with a prize bundle worth £1000, featuring £400 in cash and a £600 prize bundle from our sponsors. I couldn’t have done this without the support of the blogging community.

It’s been such an awesome year for us and looking back I can’t quite believe we managed to cram so much fun in to the year when we spent the first few months in a lockdown but right now with only thirty sleeps until Christmas I can confidently say that this year has been one of the best years I have ever had and I truly hope that this prize reaches someone to make this year extra special! Good luck to all!

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