4 fun alternatives to a bicycle

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When it comes to getting around locally, a bike is one of the most convenient options. You can ride it on the pavement or the road – or even on grass. On top of this, bikes can be ridden by all ages from kids to seniors.

However, bicycles aren’t the only street vehicles you can choose. Below are 4 fun alternatives to bikes and their pros and cons. 


Anyone can ride a scooter. Many toddlers start on a scooter before graduating to a bike. However, scooters aren’t just for young kids and many older kids and adults can still ride scooters. In fact, the electric scooter has become very popular among older kids and adults. There’s also the option of stunt scooters for those that want to practise tricks and there’s a huge array of children’s scooter options available.

Micro Scooters are more space-efficient than bikes – many models can be folded up to easily fit in any car boot or even fit into a large bag. Just make sure to look into the legality of certain scooters before buying them (contrary to what many people think, electric scooters are actually not allowed on UK roads).


Skateboards are much more of a test of balance. They also have a coolness associated with them that encourages many people to take up skateboarding. They are very popular among teens – however there’s nothing to stop you taking up skateboarding as an adult.

Skateboards come in various different styles. Longboards are usually the best choice for beginners, however you’ll likely want to buy a shorter and lighter skateboard for learning tricks. Learning to skateboard can take some time, but is ultimately very rewarding. You’ll find lots of tutorials online for learning to skateboard and learning tricks. 


Did you know that you can burn more calories rollerblading than riding a bike? Rollerblades also have the added convenience of taking up very little space, allowing you to carry them in a bag.

Learning to rollerblade does take some time, and you should expect a few falls. Investing in a helmet, knee pads and shin pads is worthwhile when taking up rollerblading – not only can it protect you from injuries but it can give more confidence to build up speed without fear of seriously hurting yourself. You should also start by looking for rollerblades that are geared towards beginners rather than trying to learn on regular rollerblades. 


Hoverboards are electronically powered boards with two wheels. You steer them by shifting your balance. They are essentially segways without the handlebars. 

While they have grown in popularity, hoverboards are still not as common as the above options. They can be tricky to learn to ride because they are a test of balance. However, once you have mastered them, they can be very fun, and they have the convenience of being quite compact, allowing you to easily store them in a car boot or even keep them under a desk at work.

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