The Ultimate Guest List: People I would Invite to Dinner

If you could host a dinner and anyone you invite was sure to come, who would you invite?

Now if I’m cooking, and going to the effort to host a dinner first of all, these people would have to appreciate the effort I’m going to. I can cook – but my perfect meal would be relaxed and informal. Think tapas style sharing plates rather than five courses and ridiculous amounts of cutlery. I would also expect diners to be happy in the company of Arlo and all of the pets. To enjoy a random mix of cocktails involving mainly mojitos and to be happy to finish the evening helping me to wash up and clear away the table so that we could make space to dance the night away afterwards.

In that respect I’d be looking for fun characters who I think I’d get along with, and the first name which springs to mind is Alison Hammond.

1. Alison Hammond

I feel like I already know her because of her big brother origins. She’s a brummie just like me and shares the same zest for life and seems like she would be up for a giggle. I think conversation would flow and she would be the kind of glue which brings everyone together at the table…. and I would let her dance on my table too!

2. Sharon Osbourne

Another fabulous female character and again with the city links having been married to Ozzy one of our most celebrated Brummies. I think Sharon is not backwards in coming forwards and would have some really fun stories to tell – anecdotes which would have us all howling with laughter.

3. Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner

There’s usually a KarJenner at any event worth celebrating and so if I had to have one I think it would be Khloe. She seems like the most open and honest of the bunch, and if anything I think she would be at home amongst a group of strong and confident women which this dinner party is shaping up to be. She would probably bring her mom too. I reckon Sharon and Kris would get along fabulously.

4. Madonna

If we’re going for female icons then she simply has to be present. I do wonder if she might be a bit too much of a diva to have but I think surrounded by strong and confident women she would feel at home and be able to relax rather than take over the show and again would have some fabulous stories to tell.

5. Britney Spears

I’ve got no idea what’s going on there in her world but I would love to have a chat with her and she seems like the kind of lost person who could do with some strong female friends. I can’t imagine having been through a conservatorship and having zero control of her own life. Maybe my other guests could be able to help her with genuine advice and support relating to their industry. I imagine being in a safe space with good food and good company might be a fun evening for her to just relax and enjoy herself. In fact I’d sit her next to Kris Jenner and hope that she would adopt her and become her momager.

6. Lily Allen

She seems like the kind of girl who is my vibe. Again I bet she would have some fun stories to tell and equally I think she would be mischievous and cheeky. The kind of girl who knows how to make a good cocktail and would bring out a cheeky bottle of tequila for shots. she could certainly hold her own amongst all of these women and I’d love to play dress up with trainers and full circle retro dresses.

7. Geri Halliwell (and the spice girls).

All of the spice girls – because why not? If they can’t turn down the invite then I would get them back together for sure. Even if it is for selfish reasons. This is shaping up to be an all female dinner party – I think Geri was always my fave as I thought she was the leader and the brains behind the band but of this is my dinner party and I can invite whoever I want then all five spice girls would be present and they would be totally up for karaoke and dancing afterwards. Seven year old me would probably pass out with excitement. Adult me thinks that having all of these iconic female characters in one room could quite literally set the world to rights.

8. Catherine Princess of Wales

She’s iconic. Her public image seems to be one which is very carefully curated and perfect, but I bet behind the scenes she’s a riot. She seems intelligent and quick witted so I think she could hold her own amongst all of these strong characters and in fact, she’s probably the most powerful and influential woman in the room so imagine how awesome it would be to discuss all things related to women’s rights and to see some connections and ideas for collaborating projects sprout from one dinner party. I can just see Alison, Khloe, Madonna Lily and Catherine sharing a Microphone and belting out “wannabe” with Kris and Sharon clapping along and the real spice girls cheering them on and everyone shrieking with delight as Britney gets the confidence to finally join in.

If ten year old me could have written a guest list it probably would have been very similar but for very different reasons. I think one part of me getting older is realising that events such as dinner parties where people serendipitously meet each other can actually be a real catalyst for change and in a world where women’s rights still need championing I’m imagining that great things could happen if women work together and support each other.

Now my imagination is getting ahead of me and I’d starting to plan a menu for this dinner party which is never going to happen and I’m feeling like I would have to send the last invitation out to my mom who I could share the memories with and who would help me to prepare all of the food.

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