Plywood Furniture Design: Mixing Style and Durability

Discover innovative new ways to craft stunning, durable furniture, all using plywood material.

Plywood Furniture Design: Mixing Style and Durability

When searching for the right piece of furniture, it can be easy to fixate on stylish, eye-catching pieces without paying too much attention to the fine print. However, when deciding upon new fixtures for your home, quality is a crucial element that should not be overlooked. After all, with a recent survey from The Guardian finding that two thirds of UK consumers plan to cut all non-essential spending in 2023, it seems that now, more than ever, our furniture should be built to last.

What is plywood?

You might be wondering, with all the excitement surrounding this material, what is plywood, anyway? Well, unlike solid wood, plywood is engineered using several layers of thin wood veneers, glued together with a strong adhesive to form a stable sheet of material. An extremely versatile product, plywood can be utilised in an array of different activities including construction, furniture, and even for crafts!

Benefits of using plywood for furniture design

There are countless benefits to using plywood, which might explain why it is one of the most popular building materials used in construction today. 

High-end materials, without the price tag

Deciding to splash the cash on a fashionable piece of furniture can be tricky, especially with designer labels marking their hardwood pieces at a thousand pounds or more. Fortunately, however, the price of plywood is far lower than that of solid wood, which makes it a great alternative for anyone who wants to invest in great home furnishings without breaking the bank. 

Plywood is exceptionally durable

Another reason plywood is so popular is down to its durability. The unique cross-laminated structure of plywood means that weight can be distributed evenly across the surface of the material, making it able to withstand more pressure for a longer time. Plywood is also less likely to warp, split or crack over time, meaning your furniture has the potential to endure years of use.

Plywood is versatile

Sold in a range of grades, thicknesses and sizes, plywood can be cut, shaped and moulded to any specifications you might have in mind for your home. This makes plywood an ideal choice for those looking to create custom pieces that are both eye-catching and functional. 

Aesthetic appeal

Coming in a variety of finishes, including natural wood grains and stains, it is no wonder plenty of interior designers are switching to plywood furniture for their spaces. Whatever your specifications, you are bound to find a plywood piece which is a perfect match for your design needs.   

Why not have a go building your own furniture?

Whether you are a flourishing DIY enthusiast, or simply want to try your hand at crafting something independently, construction is a rewarding practice that can be plenty of fun for the whole family! Lightweight and flexible, plywood is an ideal choice for beginners as it can be drilled, nailed or screwed without risking the structural integrity of the material. Why not take a look at Cworkshop, a London-based supplier that offers a great range of plywood to choose from, whatever your building needs? They can even cut your plywood to size for you, so head over to their site today.

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