Know About Fulfilling Your Off-Grid Lifestyle Dream

Your dream of owning an off-grid land can come true. The two brothers, Jaymie Friesen and Shelby Friesen, have helped people align with nature and move off-grid. Azhen Sanctuary is a 160-acre off-grid sanctuary offering educational courses and cultural activities. The goal is to carry forward the indigenous lineage and provide tangible solutions to problems like increasing climate.

Several people living busy lives wish to move off-grid, close to nature. It is a new trend in which people adopt a healthier lifestyle. They are learning everything from growing their food to raising cattle. It is an excellent way to preserve the world and give back to nature. 

A few highlights of the off-grid lifestyle include reduced waste, composting, and recycling. Individuals determined to give up on public utilities and adopt sustainable living can move off-grid. 

What Does Living Off-Grid Mean?

Living off-grid can be described in more ways than one. There is no strict definition of the term off-grid, and it can have different meanings for different people. It is a lifestyle that includes moving far from the hustle and bustle of the city independent of public utilities. The off-grid dwellings do not depend on the municipality for their water, sewer, or electric needs.

People moving off-grid do not rely on the government for these services and produce themselves. People produce their food and generate their power instead of relying on others. AzhenSanctuary is one such off-grid space built by the Friesen brothers. 

Reasons to Live Off-Grid

It was Jaymie Friesen’s love for nature that led to the creation of the off-grid sanctuary. They saw a lack of community feeling and wanted to educate people about indigenous culture. You can participate in educational courses Azhen Sanctuary offers and learn from knowledgeable people. They will teach you how to buy land and live a sustainable life. 

Here are a few reasons the off-grid lifestyle appeals to most people. 

? There are multiple environmental benefits attached to off-grid living. You can get more in touch with your surroundings. People who move far from the city and close to nature have a comparatively healthier lifestyle. 

? Cost efficiency is one of the most common reasons people move off-grid. Reducing the consumption of public resources and creating them by oneself is a cost-efficient way of living. For example, one relies on solar power instead of public utilities for electricity. Hence, no bills will be paid at the month’s or quarter’s end. 

? Getting more in touch with nature improves physical and mental health. You will experience reduced stress and anxiety when you adopt a healthier lifestyle. The increase in mental health issues was another reason that inspired Jaymie Friesen to create the off-grid space.

Smaller carbon footprints are another benefit of staying close to nature. It can significantly help in preserving nature and natural resources. Adopting an off-grid lifestyle will help you live a happier, healthier, and greener life.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to live in an off-grid land, becoming part of an off-grid community is the best step. You can get in touch with the 160-acre sacred space created by the Friesen brothers. The land offers everything from staying and hosting events to organising tours. All is possible whether you want some land to grow food or create a retreat centre. 

You can learn how to buy land from scratch, even with no money. The off-grid concept is getting more and more popular. You will be amazed to see the resources available to help you live a self-reliant life. Find land, acquire funding, become financially self-sufficient, and fulfil your off-grid lifestyle dream.

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