Frozen Tuff Tray Play

I have been filling the tuff tray with water every night in winter in the hope that it will freeze over, as I wanted to make a giant version of this Ice skating messy play tray. Today we managed to get a thick enough sheet of ice to play with. First things first we did some stomping to break the ice up in our frozen tuff tray. 

Then taking care with the pieces we stacked them up to build a structure. I helped with a basic square shape and then Arlo decided to add in an extra room and a roof to the structure before finding animals to inhabit the space.

It was easy enough to stand up the ice as we had a couple of inches of snow to play with and set up on top of a random hay bale we have randomly left over in the garden from our halloween antics. Arlo ran around the garden fetching his diggers and other tools to continue the big build. His major architectural achievement came from adding in a slide for his penguins. 

This was the perfect little small world Antarctic which provided lots of outdoor amusement. Inspired of course by Frozen Planet. We ended up getting a couple of bowls of water to create a water slide and then make a tiny little jacuzzi for the polar bears before heading back to our ice cream mud kitchen for more outdoor play in the snow. Check out the short clip below to see how Arlo interacted with it all. We stayed outdoors for about 45 minutes with our frozen tuff tray before returning indoors to get cosy and warm.

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