Tuff Tray Ideas to try at home

I began sharing some of our Tuff Tray ideas on Instagram during the very first lockdown in 2020. We take inspiration from nature, seasons and festivals as well as some more obscure themes. I’m a huge advocate for messy play, sensory play and tuff tray play as well as anything which has an educational value. Learning through play has so many benefits and since I began sharing our activities we have been lucky enough to have the chance to review toys too. This section of our blog is dedicated entirely to Tuff Tray ideas.

Most of the projects I share will hopefully utilise materials that you already have lying around the house, or will be able to adapt quite easily. I’ve added information and links to places which are still open for online orders at the time of writing.

Exploring mini beasts  - A Tuff Tray invitation for  pre schoolers
Construction challenge with ice
A frozen arctic themed tuff tray
Bug Hotel
Nature printing Tuff Tray
Nature painting tuff tray
Messy Play - spaghetti
FireMan Tuff Tray
Tuff Tray - Construction

We love learning through play and as well as tuff tray play we are a huge fan of smaller sensory bins which are ideal for indoor use and managing the mischief and mess. As a parent and a teacher the best way to learn is by absorbing information when you do not realise it is an arduous task.

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