The Best Reasons To Relocate To Charleston, SC

When moving to a new state, it is important to relocate to the right area. These decisions can be just as much about the surrounding locale as they are about the property itself.

Charleston, SC, is a prime destination for movers in the US. South Carolina ranked third in the top states people were moving to recently, with people searching for greener space being listed as one of the main reasons. It didn’t rank for the list of states most often left by people. 

Despite the need for greener spaces being rather noble, there are undoubtedly more reasons than that to head to the state, especially regarding Charleston. The largest city in South Carolina has plenty to offer new residents, and it is worth contemplating what they are in more contemplative detail. So, what are the best reasons to relocate to Charleston, SC? Read on for our musings.  

Affordable Homes

Not every city in the US has viable housing options for the masses. Many people find themselves outpriced by urban areas and confined exclusively to rural areas. 

EZHomeSearch list many affordably priced homes for sale in Charleston, SC, on their website. These dedicated real estate agents will share all their expert knowledge with you, explaining all the unique dynamics of real estate in Charleston too. Due to the area’s popularity, they also acknowledge that it can be a competitive market, assisting you with the resources you need to help you make informed yet well-timed decisions. 

A busy property market is a sure sign of a great place to live. People are understandably drawn to the area, while expert real estate agents facilitate the sales in an orderly fashion. There can be a lot of stress and disruption moving to other areas of the US, but everything appears to proceed as it should here. 

Rich History

The US is home to many proud Americans. Few are as proud of where they live as the residents of Charleston, SC.

Charleston was a port city and has always enjoyed a diverse cultural heritage because of it. A crucial export/import commerce center, Charleston has always reached out, established strong bonds with others, and demonstrated great initiative in building the community and economy. It is also a cosmopolitan city, achieving milestones with culinary, architectural, and literary feats. Historic museums are open to the public throughout the year. 

Of course, history has its more painful points too. Charleston, SC, has fortunately withstood extreme weather, wars, epidemics, and earthquakes for over three centuries. While tragedy is interlaced with these events, it has all created a more strong, unified and proud populous. The people of this city have seen and done it all. 

No building in Charleston can surpass the height of the tallest church staples. This is because these religious structures were once used to guide ships into the city’s port. The city takes historic preservation seriously. Moreover, these construction choices also mean that Charleston’s skyline is wholly unique and wonderful to behold. 

Carless Commutes

Many people that enjoy city life prefer to get rid of their cars. It can lead to significant savings and chip away at high pollution levels in urban environments. While Charleston has easy access to parking garages and metered parking, other transport modes are also available. 

Charleston is a very bike-friendly city. There are 27 locations in the downtown area that operate as part of a bike share scheme. You can reserve an e-bike up to 10 minutes in advance at no additional cost; otherwise, you will be charged a small fee per minute. It is a great way to get around without a car, contribute to the community, and stay active in all your commutes. 

As Charleston is a port city, boat travel is also a viable possibility. Water taxis depart from several points along the coast, allowing you to dodge chaotic traffic or crowded sidewalks. Travelling by sea is also a joy in its own right, giving you a bit of a shakeup to your day. It is something different, after all!

Unfortunately, going carless is not possible for everyone everywhere. That said, dodging a stressful commute can improve your health, so it can be too good an opportunity to pass up if you live in Charleston. If you have always had aspirations to go carless, live a healthier lifestyle, and make a difference, relocating to somewhere like Charleston can ease you into that transformative period of your life. 

Great Prospects

Most cities tend to yield plentiful opportunities. However, Charleston significantly raises the bar in that area.

The city’s economy tends to outperform others in the US. As mentioned, Charleston is historically a port city, and this area of the city continues to be highly active to this day. The harbor is also ranked the 4th largest in the US. Therefore, you can imagine how many jobs are created and how much growth is facilitated within the city. 

The number of tech startups is rapidly expanding, pioneering the future. The military presence and medical sector also send a positive buzz surging through the economy. The former has 90,000 dependents, reservists, contractors, and active dutypersonnel stationed in nearby bases. There are occasionally openings with the coast guard, too. 

All of this is to show the breadth of opportunities in Charleston. Whether you prefer physical jobs or something more digital-based, you’ll be able to find something to your liking here. Living in such an active city can also influence you to feel more aspirational, so relocating here could revitalize your career. 

A Friendly Population

Friendly populations can be rather telling about a place. It can mean many great things for the newcomers arriving too. 

All the factors mentioned so far can make life in Charleston, SC, a more vibrant experience. Whether you would be arriving as a total newcomer or already have connections, there is plenty to appreciate and respect about the city. It is certainly never dull there, and nor are the people!  

Charleston, SC, has frequently been recognized for its friendly atmosphere. The Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards regularly lists the city as one of the friendliest places in the US and did so most recently this year once again. According to them, out-of-towners are made to feel welcome here, meaning new residents should not encounter problems making friends and settling in. 

Friendlier populations typically promote healthier lifestyles in the air too. It is safe to assume these attitudes may also mean lower crime rates. It could also mean that community organizations and initiatives are frequently up and running. Positivity may also be fueled by a more favorable cost-of-living situation too. Put simply, people are more likely to be at their most upbeat and cheerful when life is good. 


As you can see, there are plenty of strong reasons to relocate to Charleston, SC. A new lease on life can be enjoyed here. You can potentially procure a home more easily and affordably, live in a place of cultural significance, realistically go without a car, enjoy a multitude of job prospects, and be part of a friendly community. There is more to mention, but for now, these great incentives should help you feel more confident about your potential relocation.

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