Master class – from can to pan 24cm frying pan review

24cm pan

I jumped at the chance to feature this frying pan on the blog – I’ve been intrigued by the notion of a frying pan made from recycled materials ever since I first read about it. I wondered if it would be any different to a normal pan, and if the sustainability would sacrifice any of the features one would expect from a pan. I have to admit that my current frying pan is not amazing – the one before that was years old and served us well, but the handle was a bit wobbly and I begrudgingly have been struggling to find a good replacement. The problem was that every pan I have tried just didn’t feel right.

If you cook you will know what I mean….. Frying pans are a kitchen essential, used for all sorts of recipes, from pancakes to sauce bases, all sorts of quick and easy meals like a stir fry are formed in the pan and so it’s important for me to be able to have a frying pan which feels right to hold, distributes heat well and cooks food evenly. I thought I’d put this pan to the test as it’s all good and well having the feel good factor knowing it’s made from recycled materials but it has to be up to the task.

These frying pans are made from 70% recycled aluminium drinks cans and are available in a range of different sizes. I opted for a 24cm version which is ideal when cooking for two and this, the packaging tells me was made from no less than 29 cans. I have to agree that they are just as robust as the products we all appreciate from masterclass. There’s no shortcuts when it comes to quality.

I chose to make a stir fry, using just a splash of oil and adding a high heat to a variety of different vegetables, quite literally as soon as the pan arrived. I use a gas hob on my Range Master and the pan heated up in seconds. My vegetables all cooked through quickly and evenly. Low energy, high temperature cooking at its best. The handle itself is comfortable to hold and feels sturdy when moving around, it doesn’t get hot to the touch like some pan handles do.

I like that the ceramic pan is scratch resistant – I try to use wooden spoons but most of my cook wear bears wear and tear but as soon as I washed this pan it looked as good as new. Might I add that our stir fry was also delicious. Right now I’m thinking about adding more from the can-to-pan range to my cookware collection as they really do seem busy to last. I have my eyes on a couple of the saucepans in different sizes.

Just a couple of important points:

📌 induction safe

📌 dishwasher safe

📌Chemical free – no BPA, PFOA, PTFE or cadmium

Available from Cook Serve Enjoy at £31.49

Et Voila

I have to let you know that the stir fry tasted great, and with Shrove Tuesday just around the core we we will continue to put this pan through its paces and share our meals over on Instagram.

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