Tuff Tray Dinosaur Swamp

Here’s a really simple set up for you to try out…. creating a Jurassic Park Tuff Tray set up. Item’s I used:
  • compost
  • twigs
  • leaves
  • slime (amazon prime purchase)
  • Dinosaur toys
  • Tuff tray

I set this one up first thing in the morning so that when Arlo came downstairs and couldn’t find his favourite dinosaurs he knew something was up.

He tentatively approached the tray and wasn’t quite sure what to do because some of his favourite dinosaurs were sticky.

He did eventually get his hands dirty and started doing some role play with dinosaurs, this kept Arlo occupied for over an hour in the garden – and then because I had accidentally included some of his favourites we also set up another “washing” activity immediately afterwards.

Nature painting tuff tray

A really simple painting invitation to play. You will need: Paper plates Brushes Paint Collected materials – pinecones and leaves etc. We have been collecting all sorts of random bits and bobs on our nature walks, from pebbles, to pinecones and leaves because Arlo takes his scavenger hunting very seriously. So finally putting all of […]

FireMan Tuff Tray

This is the most simple idea which I have seen doing the rounds lately….. and requires minimal set up compared to our recent tuff tray set ups like our car wash, construction and dinosaur swamp so worth trying out: You will need: Water based paint Paint brush Tuff tray Hose pipe Water spray Fire characters […]

Tuff Tray – Car Wash

This article features a product I was given free of charge in exchange for social media content. All views and opinions expressed are my own. I put all Arlo’s favourite toys in to slime last week and we ended up having to set up a washing activity because he wasn’t too impressed with all of […]

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