Winter themed EYFS play ideas

Here is where I’m going to collate all of our winter themed projects – Arlo is three and due to start school in September. We don’t have a strict schedule or routine, I just like to try out new activities at home when we can, and try to stick to a theme for a week or two and incorporate messy play, arts and crafts, baking, nature and whatever we can to reinforce the learning new ideas and encourage creativity. play along with us and let us know how you get on.

  • Get Christmas wrapped up with Aura
    I am absolutely obsessed with Christmas (in case you hadn’t noticed) and we love all things festive in this household. We have so many cute little surprises for our family and friends – you can see our gift guides and amazing advent is practically bursting as they’re so full – now that the big day […]
  • Introducing Morphle Merch
    Once upon a time I was a parent who was passionate about having zero screen free time – then lockdown happened and I discovered the untold positives of children’s technology. Of course I am still an advocate for learning through play and the benefits of natural resources but I have managed to find some wonderful […]
  • Christmas at the Lower Drayton play Barn
    We have had the most wonderful time at the play barn. We love it here anyway with one of the biggest indoor soft play areas and all the usual farm animals to meet and greet but it’s had a festive make over which makes it all the more magical. When we arrived we were greeted […]
    Some styles are truly timeless. The little black dress, jeans and a t-shirt, and a well-tailored suit will never be out of style, for example. There are certain trends that extend beyond their original time period, and one such trend is Art Deco. What is Art Deco? Art Deco is the name given to all […]
  • Zimpli Baff Bombz – Amazing advent giveaway
    I do T know about anyone else but bath times for us are a highlight of the day and have always been a little crazy, with lights, glow sticks and most recently these awesome zimpli baff bombz – this multi pack contains three different varieties – one of many awesome prizes we’re featuring this festive […]