Which scooter for a four year old?

Arlo has been obsessed with scooters from a very young age and we have had our fair share of adventures on three wheeled options which have helped him gain confidence up to this stage. Every time we visit the local park his eyes glaze over as he watches the big kids on the ramps and he admires their stunts and “tricks” as he calls them. Now that I’m confident he is a master of balance and can use the brakes well on every scooter he’s tried out it’s time for him to level up and I’ve been looking at options for Christmas.

We’re lucky enough to have older cousins and friends in the school playground who have kindly invited Arlo take turns on their scooters as they ride to school and he of course has been ready and willing to try them out. One brand we constantly hear others rave about is Microscooters. They have a full range of models which are suitable for every stage – from first wheels up to adult models for avid scoot fans for a variety of reasons, and not just because of the quality of their products.

Scooter club is a great initiative from Microscooters, their instructors visit school clubs teaching safety and proficiency and this is great considering how scootering now is more popular than ever. I know for a fact that once Arlo gets going on his new stunt scooter he’s going to want to show off his new skills to anyone he passes and I like to make sure he is safe and behaving responsibly so I’ll be looking for a little club for him to practice and hone his skills.

We began our scooter journey on wheels on a scooter just like the Mini Micro. Three wheels are great for learning to balance and to help little ones gain confidence – if you haven’t tried scooting yet then I would recommend these as a great place to start. Jam packed with features which show case attention to detail when it comes to helping little ones develop co-ordination. This range comes in so many different colour options it’s insane, and there’s even a Gruffalo option but the light up wheels are the feature which caught the eye of my four year old.

Micro Scooters are designed with quality in mind, but they’re working on extending the life cycle of every product they create so models last for generations. As we are getting ready to upgrade its great to know that we can share our old model with family friends. Any damages can be repaired as Microscooter offer a unique suite of replaceable parts to ensure longevity and as a carbon neutral manufacturer that have some great alternative options for when you outgrow your device such as their “scooter aid” programme, whereby community organisations can apply to receive a fleet of scooters thereby helping to recycle / rehome / reuse. What a great learning experience for children and ensure great products can be appreciated by many.

This year for Christmas Arlo is receiving the MX Trixx. It’s recommended for children aged 5-12 the website features height specifications of 128 140cm – this is the natural next stage for Arlo – it’s his first scooter which doesn’t fold – this is for conserving structural integrity. This is ideal for both the school run and for the skate park. It’s got a shorter footplate and handlebars and so it’s perfect to practice jumping. Wjag more could uou posisbly want from a scooter?

I’ve already given Arlo a little sneak preview of the scooter and let him go on a little circuit downstairs at home before Christmas. We had a prompt delivery to our door after ordering our chosen colour – this scooter comes in various colours just like other scooters in the range – we opted for the electric blue which is sure to stand out. His favourite feature is the stunt pegs which made him exclaim when he realised what they were. He has no idea yet how to use them but it’s going to be a fun process as he learns.

I’ll update you with more pictures and our experience at the skate park after Christmas – he hasn’t not stopped talking about how excited he is. Have you got a scooter on your kids wish list this year?

Scooter provided by Micro Scooter for the purposes of review but as always all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

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