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Water Play

    Water Play

    I’m trying to resist the urge to put up our swimming pool and have the novelty wear off or the sides burst before the really hot weather arrives.

    Playing with water outside is a really simple concept. Use whatever you have lying around the house.

    For example here Arlo is using a set of stacking cups which he has had since he was about six months old – originally from Poundland.

    These cups have holes in the bottom and so he was busy trying to fill up all five, and then trying to figure out why he was never getting to the end of the task.

    We were quite brave to let him handle the hosepipe but I figured it’s a good opportunity to give him a little bit of trust and see how he gets on.

    We have used the tuff tray, washing up bowls and the mud kitchen as our base to play with water, sometimes adding bubbles, toys or even water based paints to make it a bit different every time.

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