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Tuff Tray – Car Wash

    Tuff Tray - Car Wash

    This article features a product I was given free of charge in exchange for social media content. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

    I put all Arlo’s favourite toys in to slime last week and we ended up having to set up a washing activity because he wasn’t too impressed with all of his dinosaurs getting the Tuff Tray experience.

    I decided to combine the need to clean his favourite paw patrol cars with a play activity and this was the result.

    You will need:

    • Silly string
    • Washing up bowl
    • Fairy liquid
    • Sponge
    • Flannel
    • Nail brush
    • Scrubbing brush
    • Foaming Play soap
  • (The purple foaming play soap pictured was given to us by Kids Stuff Crazy).
  • Along side the tuff tray I set up one of Arlo’s toot toot sets and so the task I set him was to clean all the toys so that they could go to play in the garage….. and he had great fun dunking all the toys in water.

    He quickly discovered the spray bottle. These are available in most supermarkets and places like Wilko in the gardening section, and we often use these in play activities. Pressing the nozzle helps develop finger strength and requires some co-ordination.

    This was a particularly successful activity and kept Arlo occupied in the garden for a long time. Using his paw patrol toys sparked some imaginary play as he was essentially on a little mission of his own and quite happy to play independently.

    The best bit is that after all of this is that we had a sparkly clean set of paw patrol toys and the clean up was super swift – We rinsed all of the materials in the washing up bowl and then Arlo put the hosepipe on the Tray before we stashed it away for the next play activity.

    Mum tip: check all the cars you’re using and make sure they aren’t battery powered because they all ended up submerged in water!

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