Health and Fitness for Busy Parents

Health and fitness for busy parents

With all the duties and tasks parents have to do every day, taking care of our health and activity levels often takes a backseat. Finding time for individual well-being just seems impossible when you have work and family commitments to handle all at once. However, if you can find time for exercise and fitness, you … Read more

The Various Uses of Self-tapping Screws

A screw on a white background.

For most of the jobs out there, be it DIY or professional, screws are more than likely going to be involved. That’s because they are the most versatile, reliable fasteners out there, providing stability to the aforementioned projects. Self-tapping screws will end up being the best fastener for so many of your regular projects. For … Read more

Fluff at the Blue Orange Theatre

A poster for the play fluff.

The Blue Orange theatre is a small independent theatre in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham , founded in 2011 with the intention of showcasing new drama and writing from this fabulous city I call home. This month is also the Birmingham Fringe Festival which is in its tenth year and has a jam packed programme … Read more

From Play to Progress: How Outdoor Toys Enhance Childhood Development

Childhood memories often echo with laughter and playful screams, sandcastles and racing shadows, the thrill of the outdoors and the joy of play. They are snapshots of time spent gleefully exploring the world, with the sky as the ceiling and the earth as the floor. A closer look at this playground reveals the subtle yet profound influences of … Read more