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The Story of Us

Life lessons to live by

    I’m the grand old age of 35 and I figured now is as good as any time to share some of my life lessons to live by. I like to think of myself as a naturally enthusiastic person. I always look for the positives and so here are some of my tips with a little bit of an explanation as to how I live my… Read More »Life lessons to live by

    ChillFactor Neon slushy Cups

      With the summer holidays fast approaching we have been making the most of the glorious sunshine. The paddling pool is set to be a permanent garden feature. We have our suncream and parasol ready too. As soon as I heard about the ChillFactor Neon Slushy range I just had to get my hands on them. Of course I opted for two so Arlo and I… Read More »ChillFactor Neon slushy Cups

      5 ways to get outside more

      Toy storage solutions

        As a parent to a five year old it feels as though toys have taken over our entire home. Of course I’m delighted to see Arlo engage with his toys and it’s fabulous to join in with Lego building and car track racing. However, once he is asleep in bed I can’t relax because toys are just everywhere. We also have lots of things now… Read More »Toy storage solutions

        In the book - a review

        A Parents’ Guide to GCSEs

          Your child is approaching their final few years at school and is about to sit their GCSEs. Up until now, you may not have heard of a controlled assessment and may be confused on how best to support your child. Other than the jargon, there’s not very much that you will need to get your head around. We can fill you in and help you… Read More »A Parents’ Guide to GCSEs

          How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

            From as early as 2 years old, a child’s brain begins to ponder, and they start to ask questions about the world around them. As they do, they learn new things and strengthen their brain by putting it to practice. We have teamed up with a boys’ school in Surrey to share our tips for raising an inquisitive child with you below. Ask Them Questions… Read More »How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

            Top Tips to Enjoy the Sun Whilst Working From Home

            Top Tips for Monetising Your Blog

              Content as we know is essential for standing any chance at ranking. It gives you the power to tell search engines who you are and what it is that you do. You can also expand your reach by creating informational content for your blog that answers key questions relating to your niche. Things like “how to select the right engine oil for my car” will… Read More »Top Tips for Monetising Your Blog

              Flower fields in the Midlands

                Step outside, summertime’s in bloom! Well we have had one day of a heatwave and it’s got me all excited dreaming about running through flower fields in floaty dresses and taking some glorious pictures for Instagram. I have my favourite flower fields in the West Midlands and thought I’d collate a list for you to go and get the perfect profile pictures. The confetti flower… Read More »Flower fields in the Midlands

                Thirty days of mindfulness

                Thirty days of mindfulness

                  I’m a huge fan of thirty day challenges, I’ve written about all sorts of different things I’ve tried in the past – from squat challenges which get increasingly tougher to more creative challenges where your skills develop as you try out a new make up technique every day. One thing I have been really focusing on is mindfulness. Over the lockdown I found compulsory online… Read More »Thirty days of mindfulness